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    Trade Smart Online

    thanks for the info. All scrips are allowed for BTST or some specific ones?
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    Trade Smart Online

    Hello STO, Do you offer BTST? I didn't find any details about it on your site. Thanks, Swagat
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    Rocking stuff on the move- HTC Touch

    hey guys, Sorry was realy busy with some work so couldnt get here much. Here is the stuff im talkin about. Awesome phone. u can easy track every stock and commodity price. Also u can take a remote desktop (Logmein :D) to ur Desktop and...
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    Why “buy and hold” strategy carries more risk?

    interestin stuffs here. i remember in Kolkata meet Asish da said that trading can earn u income but only investments can make u wealthy
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    Who will win IPL?

    Exactly Only time will tell my frnd whose gonna be the King.
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    Who will win IPL?

    kORBO LORBO jETBO RE. Kolkata Knight Riders
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    Short Selling Mechanism applicable from 21st April 2008

    Check this link
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    Selecting the Strike Price

    Hi Sanjay, Thanks a lot for that explanation. Looks interesting. :)
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    Shubho Nobo Borsho

    Hey ur absolutely ryt.
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    Market Internals, Part 2

    Hi Sunil bhai, Gud to c u back in action. Looks Gud.
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    Shubho Nobo Borsho

    Hey guys, Shubho nobo borso to all of you.
  12. S Kolkata Meet

    I learnt a couple of things which i will enlist- 1)Saint's method- filtering the trades by comparing the trend in higher and lower tf's. 2) Asish da's - RSI 50 and 60 intraday funda. 3) Sanjay's logic- trading system ko thok baja ke lo fir use it dilligently. these are all i can...
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    Implication Of Volume In Day Trading

    Interesting discussion
  14. S Kolkata Meet

    Wonderful experience, no doubt. Although i was the youngest among all, i realy liked that no body considered me as a kid. But instead ppl appreciated my ideas about sws and Data. Thats very generous and i learnt so many stuffs. And trust me the food was excellent and so were my favourits...
  15. S Kolkata Meet

    gr8 explanation