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    any better service provider, than ICICIdirect?

    This is not the right time for ICICI for upgrade. All guys are facing problem. I struggled alot these days.
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

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    Reliance Ownership Issue Resolved!

    As per the business-standard sensex might cross 7000 on monday after this reliance battle.
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    what about 10 paisa

    i subscribed to now i didnt see any thing useful.
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    Some Indian Mid Cap stocks to consider

    Hi supratik, Thanks for your postings. Analysts saying that market is reached high. So expects possibility of downturn. When eaxctly you suggests me to buy TVS motor... Your help in this regard will be appreciated... Thanks Sunny
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    working like Beaver didn't suite for this market. I agree that TCS and patni are doing the same. What the market needs is that if you drop a pin also they have to hear big noise.
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    Investing in TCS is like putting money in safe hands but immediate results are not expected. They have vision to become member of Top 10 service oriented companies by 2010. They have tremendous depth in business but only inexperience is marketing about themselves to the public market. Unlike...
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    Reg: Intra daytrading software

    Hi All, Some one has to take the ownership for co-ordination of the team. As i am exactly in opposite time zone its tough for me to do this job. I am sorry about that. Once requirement doc is prepared then we can workout. Plz excuse me if i m mistaken. sunny
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    Reg: Intra daytrading software

    Re: Reg: Intra daytrading Respected members, As joy_mittal said if we start this project the interested parties has to commit till the goal accomplished. Deciding the technology either VB/Java is not a big deal. The perfect functional specification is very much important with the exact...
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    Reg: Intra daytrading software

    Re: Reg: Intra daytrading Guys, As i am also a software pro worked on both Java and VB. Currently working on Java. I can be part of this team. I better feel that before starting the actual tech prog all the seniors has to come up with requirement details. So we have to have two teams 1...
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    My IntradayView and short term possibilities

    Respected Mittal and other members, Mittal, Thanks for your response. I have bought 50 scripts of TCS and 100 scripts of Infosys. My intension of purchasing these 2 scripts is long term i.e, for a period of minium one year. Please inform me when it comes to the danger level. With the...
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    My IntradayView and short term possibilities

    Hi Joy_mittal, Thanks for your posts. Can you please let me know the future of TCS and Infosys. Just before the friday's market collapse i bought TCS @ 1375,Infosys @2010. As i am beginner in this field and of the confidence that i am having on these two companies i thought of "SAFE SIDE" by...
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    Spirituality and ShareMarket

    Thanks to Mittal and sh50 for exploring such a wonderful topic. I am thankful to you for writing such a big note. This will be very much useful to all who don't have mental equilbrium. Hope all the members will understands the concept of spirituality properly... well done .