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    Best MidCap funds for the present (12-07-2011) US Credit rating Crisis .

    sir, kindly suggest some good Midcap or Small cap funds so that i can make profit in short term. I had a prediction that BSE will soon bounce back 18k to 19k. kindly suggest which benchmark index is best for now.
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    Please review my portfolio

    Re: please give fund advice Thanks yodlee99, I need to know is there any scheme in any fund house so that every month the dividend of MIP will be transfered automatically to MIDCAP so that i should not rush to an agent or fundhouse with check book etc.,(also iam not familliar with online...
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    Please review my portfolio

    Re: please give fund advice Actually i want to post new post but i dont know how to do that. iam having 100000 i want to invest in MIP like HDFC MIP LT or Reliance MIP i need every month the dividend (only dividend) should be invested in midcap funds .it should be no entry load or TDS . OR...
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    Fund Allocation

    Now market levels are high . wait for 5% correction.untill that use balanced or MIP fund regarding ELSS calculate your tax requirement then proceed. since it have indirect 3year locking period
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    hai to all