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    First Hour Breakout Strategy

    Ah the classic Opening Range Breakout (ORB) strategy - very nicely adapted, Bala :thumb: Ever tried reversing the trade, instead of just exiting, when stop is hit (Stop and Reverse)... ie if long above the first HOD, then we may go short when first LOD is broken down... see if this...
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    Simple intraday trading method - 2652deluw

    atithi tum kab aaoge... welcome back :thumb: seems that the method targets the range formed before EU open tring tring today evening
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    Does anyone know about LIC'c Credit Card?

    THE ANSWER TO MOST OF THE GENERAL QUESTIONS LIE HERE Amazingly, nowadays, everytime an internet browser launches its latest version, it has a default first page/home page to its associated SEARCH ENGINE.... yet, I notice new threads being opened randomly for one line questions, which have...
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    Trading NR7 setup

    Post of 5-Jan EOD: Action replay today... :spaz: Again NR-550+ is seen in NF today NR-14 in nifty Spot (if we consider only the actual trading range) Well, little maths also helping here. 5277-79 is Classical R1 as well as R4 as per Camarilla 5245 is Classical S1 as well as S4 as...
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    Daily Tryst with Nifty

    You will have to use the "Print screen" key of your keyboard for copying the screenshot with your yahoo chart. Then, open MS Paint and press "Ctrl" + "V" to "paste" the image. After that, you can draw various lines.... If you want more than 5 days of intraday charts and/or EOD (daily)...
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    Daily Tryst with Nifty

    at white lower TL support now...
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    Daily Tryst with Nifty

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    Trading NR7 setup

    Thank you very much, Karnani Sir.... historical indeed... Spot's data dates back to days when I was in my 10th standard!!! :thanx:
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    Open & Closing Time of Sensex

    ........ and u have opened a new thread to ask this question!!!!!!!! ever heard of a search engine? or atleast, an existing thread in this forum for newbie questions?
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    Low Risk Options Trading Strategy - Option Spreads

    excel... had it handy for my own options strategies
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    Low Risk Options Trading Strategy - Option Spreads

    nice one ST :thumb: for benefit of others: Total cost of strategy (with the qty mentioned) is Rs 1025/- Max profit of Rs 8975/- happens if Nifty spot settles at 5100 on expiry day. Anything above 5300, loss is limited to the initial cost Rs 1025/- Loss keeps on increasing below 4900 I...
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    Trading NR7 setup

    even weekend will do, Sir thank you
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    How to trade with an oscillator

    Raghav, your ST in Stochs does not correspond with S2 in price S2 in stochs is marked at 12:30, while in price, you have joined the line from 13:30 Refer this website for rules about divergence trading