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    MT4 Data Feed - Source

    Dear Geeks ., I can able to see several data vendors emerging for MT4 data feed newly ., I wonder what is the sources for them .. From Where they buying this data's feed demo account and reselling to retailer?? Who is the whole seller and how they getting reseller accounts?
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    Anyone Have this AFL pls .,

    Dear Greek., Anyone Have this Afl ., Please share Thanks
  3. S is Down or No More ??

    Yup ., They updated the tool version .
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    Please help me Add buy and sell signal setup for robo trade in this afl

    Enjoy !! _SECTION_BEGIN("MA Cross"); //Modified SH's 315 Strategy by Santhosh2010 // Traderji id :Santhosh2010 // Updated by Traderji id:Sudhagar Rajaraman e1=EMA(C,5); e2=EMA(H,15); e3=EMA(L,15); Plot(e1,"",colorYellow,styleDashed |styleThick); Plot(e2,"",colorLightYellow,styleDots )...
  5. S is Down or No More ??

    Dear Experts., Do you have any idea ? Why below RT Data feeder is not available ?? Thanks
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    Free Customized Trading Platform with Real time data

    Looks File Data Feed sources in file is broken., Its not working - Autorfresh Macro is not updating data and also macro is password protected
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    Help me to plot buy sell arrows

    Hi Vicky., Updated AFL with Buy and Sell Arrow _SECTION_BEGIN("HEIKENASHI"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows | chartShowDates); HaClose = (O + H + L + C)/4; HaOpen = AMA( Ref( HaClose, -1 ), 0.5 ); HaHigh = Max( H, Max( HaClose, HaOpen ) ); HaLow = Min( L, Min( HaClose, HaOpen ) ); xDiff...
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    RealTime Quotes Data Feeder For Amibroker

    Dear Geeks., Any Vendor providing RealTime Quotes data ( Bids/Asks) for Amibroker .. Thanks
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    Hi Bro ., Could you please the Auto trade plugin for amibroker to nest

    Hi Bro ., Could you please the Auto trade plugin for amibroker to nest
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    Amibroker to BEST (BSE Electronic Smart Trader) Finvasia Order Placement

    Dear Geeks., Is there any tools available for Order placement from Amibroker to BEST (BSE Electronic Smart Trader) Platform.? As i know some tools available for NEST/NOW Platform DataFeed and Order Place ., Will it support BEST (BSE Electronic Smart Trader) too ? Thanks In advance