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    Excel sheet for tracking market indices

    Works now...thanks a lot. Wonderful application to see most of the markets in just one view. Btw...can it be set to autorefresh? Like every 2 mins.
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    Excel sheet for tracking market indices

    Thanks prabhat for sharing your efforts, but i am having the same problem as vishal. It says..either the macros is not available for this workbook or all the macros has been disabled. As far as i know about my excel, i have not disabled the macros. I think the problem could be that i am using...
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    SENSEX overvalued by 14.10% - Fundamental valuation of SENSEX

    Fantastic analysis...hats off to you!
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    Reviews on Angel Broking and Religare!!

    To everyone who has negotiated with Angel broking for lower brokerages, do they give written commitment on the lowered brokerage structures or they just do it with the word of mouth? Also, for all those members that have got their brokerages lower than .20 for delivery, did you commit to any...
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    Download EOD Historical Data

    I m so very grateful to u......thanks for the links!!!! rep added :) Links 11-14 are not available....plz reupload them. thanks a lot
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    Cup And Handle In Ispat And Triveni

    Hats off to prabhajetendra...his predictions was bullseye!!!
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    Trading Tips - koolfriend4u

    Yea...nothing out.....but the stock went crazy!!! Book all or hold for 120 target??
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    Trading Tips - koolfriend4u tv almost reached the 96 target......for a few days this stock might fall down due to a huge rise....what do u suggest sir??
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    Trading Tips - koolfriend4u

    I m going to hold it for the same target....hope it will come soon :)
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    Trading Tips - koolfriend4u

    dishtv first target almost 2 could be reached soon....thanks a lot sir :)
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    Trading Tips - koolfriend4u

    sir....dishtv down by it still a buy?
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    Reliance Infra

    Yup......well not the question is that the ppl who were waiting for lower level( i was hoping for a lower ....will they be able to enter this stock??
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    Gujrat Mineral Dev Corp

    Thanks a lot jnj333 sir :)
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    Jai Corporation

    Any reason for your suggestion?
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    Jai Corporation

    I think this notice is being sent to all the share holders of jaicorp.....i have receieved this notice and its exactly what valueplayer sir has said. :) But its exactly as valueplayer and jnj333 sir's said......take your own call.