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    Nifty historical data - 1hr Timeframe

    Hi, If anybody have nifty historical data for past 10 years from 2008 / 09 (1 hr Timeframe), Please share the data in an excel sheet. Thanks
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    Nifty historical data for MT4

    Hi, If anybody have nifty historical data for past 10 years (15 mins and 30 minutes TF), Please share the hst file. Thanks
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    Buying futures or Selling options. Which is good??

    Hi, Is it a good idea to sell nifty option instead of buying nifty futures? Below are the advantages we are getting from selling options (I got these info from Jegan's traders carnival speech), 1. We can use the margin from our investment in stocks, Liquidbees, mutual funds etc as collateral...
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    Day Trading A Single Stock

    I think you can follow the same technical analysis on Nifty. See the nifty 50 watch list. Go long only when Advances is greater than Declines and short when declines is greater than Advances. I feel by this way we can easily predict the market trend instead of predicting stock trend having a...
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    Day Trading A Single Stock

    @newtrader101 If you decided to trade only one stock then why not trade only on nifty.
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    Evolution of a full time trader and their journey

    Hello everyone, Starting a new thread after a long time. I am 32 and a software engineer. I have been trading part time since 2009. In 2009 Opened a demat account with Rs.5000 and started taking some positional trades randomly. Had some profit on initial days (pure luck). Also I started doing...
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    NCDEX Trading Special - Advantages and why I love it

    Hi, Any NCDEX traders here? I am positional trader in Nifty, Crude oil and metals (Gold, Silver) and nowadays markets are going very wild GAP UP GAP DOWN due to global news like today and I am afraid to continue positional trading in these segments. Will NCDEX react to any international...
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    Neteller Scammer ALERT

    Sir, these details are not mine..this details belong to that scammer..just positing the details so that everyone will be alert..he told he will deposit neteller exchange of rupees..after transferring the amount he disappeared..
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    Neteller Scammer ALERT

    Hi, Please be careful while making any transaction related to ecurrency. Don't believe any unknown person and don't any transaction over phone. Yesterday I can cheated by this cold blooded scammer. Please be carefull. Email - [email protected] Phone - 9908069640 Bank details: Name -...
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    How to trade forex from india

    I am planning to use option 1. 1. Send money to my friend India account. 2. Open forex account in his name and he will fund the account from his foreign account. 3. Withdraw profit to his foreign account. 4. Transfer money to my India account. Please let me know if i can pay income tax...
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    How to trade forex from india

    Hello Sir, Please let me know the broker who allow cash deposits into their bank local bank accounts to open a FX trading account.
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    Mcx 1 min data

    Hello Sir, Can u please provide me unitech data (1 min) for the past 6 months?
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    Need Unitech 1 min MT4 data

    Hi, Can anyone please provide me Unitech 1 min MT4 data file? Thanks, Sanjay
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    Intraday - Nifty or Stock future?

    Hello Guys, Which is the best instrument for Intraday trading? I feel stocks are trending then nifty. Nifty has more whipsaws when compared to stocks. Please share your intraday experience. Thanks
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    Renko chart trading

    Hello Guys, How many of them use Renko chart for trading? Please share your experience. 1. What is the brick size used for Nifty to do intraday trading? I see a 10 point brick size gives a good view in nifty. 2. How it is behaving in real time market? Thanks