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    Simple coding help in metastock

    Hi, I want to find the average of High - low for last 21 or 55 candles in 5 mins time frame. What is the command to use in Indicator instead of using the ref function. Help appreciated. Sri
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    Full-time traders from Chennai?

    Good day, I cam across this thread today and would like to connect with fellow traders in Chennai during your next meet . Will be glad to meet anybody interested in Markets and TA
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    Systems for three market types- trending, nontrending, volatile

    Hi Suri, Thanks for sharing this set up using Supertrend (7,1). Since it is 1 min TF, there must be lot of buy /sell setup being thrown up during the day/ Can you explain, how to identify the subsequent trade setup after the initial one is done. Also throw more light on how to trail and what...
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    My System - My trades.

    Great compilation Kumudhan Sir. Thanks for such a wonderful gift
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    My System - My trades.

    Dear Varunji, Can you throw light on what the red dotted lines represent. Thanks, Sri
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    My System - My trades.

    Can seniors explain in detail about spreadline charts. 1. How to select the strike prices. Should the value be less than zero to select a pair. 2. I am using spread feature Amibroker and calculating the difference between the 2 strike prices. Should it be call minus put or it can be anyway...
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    Trading with OBV - for Beginners only !!

    Does anybody has this AFL. Please share it. I would like to test it. Thanks
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    This Guy is my Hero

    Amazing grit and determination. What conviction he must have to place the trades. He is truly a hero. Hats off
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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

    Senior Please comment. In earlier posts, Raj had elaborated that COI is crucial data point for Intra day decision. and if PE COI> CECOI, then it is bullish. Today July 13, 2016, at 1.30 pm the COi situation is 8500 CE CI is 11.00 lacs and the COI for 8500 PE is 3.35 lacs. right from morning...
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    My Picks

    Hi Padiyara, what is your stoch settings.? Thanks, sri
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    Trouble combining two systems into one system.....little help needed.

    Does this work for Ft&O scrips too. Do you have any specific changes that needs to be done in the parameters for Futures?
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    Time Series Forcast

    What is the significance of the 12 and 200 price oscillators in top and middle window. Do they play any part in the entry/exit decision. Define crossover in your set up. Is it any one TSF crossing over the price osc or 12 TSF crossing 26 TSF. Sorry to bother you
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    Time Series Forcast

    Hi, Red above Blue in price chart is bullish, I guess. How do we sync the crossovers in the Top and Middle window. Is the entry setup requires that all the three windows show a bullish trend and overall daily trend is also bullish? What about exit/ Stop loss in this setup. Sri
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    Time Series Forcast

    Thanks NAresh, Do we look for Time series cross over of price crossover above the 2 series. More insight on the set up will be helpful, if you can. Thanks, Sri
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    Positional Trading based on 4 hourly charts.

    Have you moved to EOD charts(daily) instead of 4 hour Time frame? Thanks,