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    I will give you a surprise

    hi Danpickup, data downloader is available in with this downloaded it is possible to download option's data in both metastock/amibroker format. reagards
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    How many trade only nifty...?

    HI LINKON i trade only nifty option, but why this poll regards
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    Indicator-Free, Stress-Free Trading

    DEAR pride how to put POC IN amibroker. thanks regards
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    Where to get Historical tick data for Amibroker

    hi try regards
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    SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    dear SH thanks once again. 100EMA worked again. Exited all the position with 10000/- profit. thanks again. regards
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    EOD Options data?

    visit, download data downloader available. u will all EOD. it is totally free. regards
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    Spread Trading - Strategy & Calculation

    DEAR all if any one has the mobile/phone number of iGURU please share. regards ravi
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    SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    hiii Dear SH thanks a lot. i traded with straddle of 5500PE & 5800CE pair costed Rs. 143. CLOSED the trade with the profit of Rs. 5200/-. Thanks once again. Regards Ravi
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    Happy Birthday Rajendrani

    happy birthday sir, may god bless u with all success in life regards ravi
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    SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    dear nihal i can assist u to configure ami. call me on 09731122899
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    SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    hi munde_77 tell me what kind of help u need, if i can do i will definetely do regards
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    SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    dear sh sir have you installed amibroker. i can assist u to do so. u can call me on 09731122899 or give your i will call at your convenience. regards sprintravi
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    Veluri Strategy intraday nifty fifty

    dear mkln68 great work good going, keep it up. regards
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    bhavcopy error since 31st jan -help

    bhavcopy is working fine. regards
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    Whom do I report on

    file a consumer case, i can help u to know procedure to file regards