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    Four legged option strategy

    This strategy will not work if there is no movement in Nifty. Current week options have very less time value and next week options have high time value. so, in flat or range bound market, this may give loss.
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    Online options strategy builder

    You can use this tool to create your strategy and execute it in Zerodha, Upstox, Aliceblue & Fyers. Also, you can find Max Pain for your strategy and what would have been intraday performance if executed at a specific time.
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    Getting 80% success in Nifty and BankNifty

    We all know the importance of Breakout strategy. There has been many examples and ways in which people work on Breakout Strategy. Some work on opening range breakout, some work on previous range breakout, some work on 30 min breakout, etc, etc. I tried another way of breakout which is called 2...
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    Anyone doing algo trading using Python with Zerodha?

    I do it and its live for my personal use. I do it using PHP scripts. I have also created semi-automated tools for people who are not aware of programming. You can use below tools for semi-automated trading. Semi-Auto Trading in Commodities using Swing Trader Semi-Auto Trading using...
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    Semi-Automate your trades using Camarilla Equation

    I have developed a utility that can help you to semi-automate your trading decisions based on Camarilla Equation. I have tried to explain the same in my youtube tutorial at below link If you wish to semi-automate your trades using Camarilla...
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    Basics of Options in Hindi and English

    Guys, Here are two videos explaining the Basics of Options in Hindi and English You may watch at below youtube URL Hindi English
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    Open =high open =low finder

    You can give try to below link
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    Intraday Trading using PRB (Previous Range Breakout)

    I am sharing here one of the very simple and traditional techniques for intraday trading. It is based on a concept called as Previous Day Breakout. The steps involved in this technique are as described below 1. Identify previous day's range. (i.e High - Low) 2. Identify Buy/Sell levels...
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    gann square,camarilla,Elliot wave,Orb which is best?

    The results vary from equity to equity. All are good, but not all are good for the same scrip.
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    Coding for Trade tiger using newly launched features

    Got the link guys Here it is
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    Coding for Trade tiger using newly launched features

    Can someone share the link where API details of sharekhan are mentioned.
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    Auto Trading With Zerodha

    I am not conversant with AFL and Amibroker. I write my own raw programs. You can give this a try It should be possible. Check Kite Connect documentation and see how u can integrate into Amibroker. The api which i am using, seems to be very raw and cannot be used with Amibroker. But not sure...
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    Auto Trading With Zerodha

    It could be. But it is possible.
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    Auto Trading With Zerodha

    I dont know python programming, else i would have definately posted it. Please refer to Zerodha programmer forums. you may find something there.
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    Auto Trading With Zerodha

    Its about quality of program that your write and the strategy. After auto trading program, i hardly trade manually. I make my server run all trades on my behalf. To test any new program or strategy, we can always do auto trades in small quantities. Auto trading if done properly is a great tool...