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    Things to know before Diving into Share Market

    Before diving into the share market dive into the books that are related to the stock market. I also used to read these when starting with a trade in the stock market. Carefully understand the concepts and try to trade on any mock trading platform. Then start your trade with buying single less...
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    Trading seems to be a car with 4 gears

    Trading in the stock market seems to be 4 gears? Yes, if I am not wrong I think as gear provides leverage to your car speed, similarly 4 gears will provide leverage to your trade also, I keep these 4 as my gears. 1. Organised plan 2. Strong knowledge 3. Infinite patience 4. Proper risk management
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    Maruti-Suzuki is it a gud buy @ current levels?

    Please go through the business news always and visit company insiders for a better forecast. Never go with the wind, adjusting sails may save you from big losses.
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    Does the strategy fail after some time?

    There is no such strategy that holds for long. I think you must be versatile to the volatility of the stock market. Analyse the stocks with the help of advance indicators and then prepare a new strategy for the trade.
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    Which movie you watched recently?

    I recently watched the Harshad Mehta Scam 1982 series instead of the movie and that was because I wanted to know, what were the loopholes in the Indian Stock market at that time?
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    Alternatives to Fixed Deposit

    I found these best alternatives to FDs where I prefer to invest: NPS (National Pension Scheme), G-Sec, debt mutual funds.
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    Looking to make a mark in Trading!

    Well, there is no age to learn and invest a perfect example - Warren Buffet! I hope your step into this forum will bring mutual learning to us. Happy trading.
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    How to improve my trading

    I must suggest that please gain some knowledge for the stock market first, you can start by mock trading sessions.
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    You can make a list first and then read reviews for each, it will help you to evaluate better ones.
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    Which websites do you use for help wit Fundamental Analysis?

    For FA, I usually check on the Company's Annual Report and for data on stock performance, I use the NSE website. I think you must follow a reliable and powerful source for research. We can’t doubt reliable government sources unlike private websites.
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    Hello Everybody

    Welcome, hope to see you again and good luck for your investments.
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    Is this really a worth while goal?

    I think it started at an early age of childhood, Happiness generally depends upon how happy you are internally with your health. Moral values and practicing them is a good way to keep your feet in the right direction.
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Yes, agree to you this pandemic had already hit hard to developing nations but as soon as news came out for the corona vaccine, there was some stability in the financial markets. Globally there are many nations that responded well after lock downs. So i hope nations will come out with robust...
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    Yes, I have got a trading addiction when I saw profits coming from my SIPs. I made 3000 profit in 2 months only across two SIPs. After this only I realized the hidden potential of the stock market and started my investments. And I agree to that this addiction must not turn into illegal...
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    Here are the Risk involved in Trading Derivatives

    Trading in derivatives needs more clarity in futures and options. Derivatives can be considered as the more safer option when investing in equities and commodities.