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    commodity trading systems for MCX

    can someone pl share ( or IM ) me some strategies to Trade Silver ( MIC / Mini etc) in MCX. When to enter - when to exit. Safely in or out .I just got stumped with an ugly trade - cost me Rs 700+ what do you look at . what technical and fundamental indicators . I am looking for a simple trade...
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    International Metal Brokers charts to follow MCX trading

    MCX does not give real time graph of prices . e.g. Silver Mini. .It only gives instant prices. Silver market prices are global. My Question - is there a link you can share where I can see Silver Price CANDLESTICKS so I know whats going to happen to the market ?
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    New NSE site does not give historical info

    I am looking for historical data for specific NIFTY option chains I could get it as a graph as well as Data from NSE's earlier website. ( NSE's new websites is totally FUed with no link's to any of these info. facets. Instead it has marketing info about its products ) NOW NSE's old...
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    made a 'Maruti 'but lost a Honda in commissions : any good broker out there ...?

    I took a dig and ICICIdirect's F&O and realized the HUGE cost of commissions at Rs 75 / Lot ( That is JUST COMMISSIONS ) other overheard yet to be accessed. So HOW can someone trade in options that are : <> Not expensive <> Whose Market lot # is less e.g. NIFTY when the commission catches...
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    NRI Investing ....the rules and the players..need more info

    Hello Folks I am interested in opening an NRI Investment a/c. In that regard could someone please enlighten me on the following <> Are there brokers out there who offer commodity / FNO trading to NRI's at all ( - for a US based NRI - are you allowed to trade in the commodity market on a...