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    How to check mutual fund authentic websites to invest online

    Answer: Its very hard to find the authenticity of any online Mutual Fund investing Company because there are some risks attached to Mutual Fund one should carefully read the terms and condition to save their hands from fire. Its better to investigate the name of the company on the website of...
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    best website for trading??

    Answer: There are many good brokers in the market who charge very less brokerage and provide a variety of services to their clients.Different companies have their different Criteria but all of them worked on same path that is towards trading. Many firms also offered Mutual fund and other...
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    I am new and confused

    I think you should contact your RM or person who opened your account and ask him all the details and regarding no amount deducted from your account when you purchase some stock for that you have to contact the client support of HDFC for better understanding and clearance of your doubt and...
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    Help me out how to read charts

    Follow these links for better understanding:
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    How to liquidate

    Hello Freind, In actual in your situation is that you are holding the shares of Reliance and Unitech through your broker Infoline. If you want you can sell your holding shares of Relaince and unitech online through your broker by using your Customer Id and loging into your trading account but...
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    How to choose a broker that won't leave you broke?

    Answer: One should choose broker carefully so that he should give lesser brokerage and other charges and help the client to get maximum benefits out of its given brokerage to him.There are many brokerage firms who take very less charges and one can take the benefit of opening all three account...
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    Day trading for those with a day job

    Answer: Regarding markets and financial Instruments there are two markets NSE and MCX. NSE Equity and cash timings 9 am to 3.30pm and NSE Currency upto 5pm Software can be used NOW application it can be run over cell phone and NEST as well but this Application run over system only. MCX market...
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    What is GFD in Trading?

    Answer: A day trader is a investor who attempts to profit by making rapid trades intraday. A day trader often closes out all trades before the market close and does not hold any open positions overnight. Some day traders use leverage to magnify the returns generated from small stock price...
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    Best Demat Account

    Answer: Please go for a good brokerage firm who charge less brokerage charges and open your Demat Account without any charges here some companies names whose providing good services in less cost like FINVASIA, ZERODHA, etc.
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    Starting to learn with paper trade

    Answer: Hello Hardik, According to me for a beginner and a fresher like you should first collect all the knowledge of trading try to learn from internet, read some books, magazines and learn the whole concept of trading and how its work and try to open an account with a broker and take demo and...
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    crude oil

    Answer : one can simply search it on google you will find the current rate of crude. There are few websites on which the crude rate always dsplaying like: the other website view the full report and analysis of Crude...
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    Concerns on brokerage charges

    Answer : Brokerage charges are there when we buy and sell equity shares. In Intraday the Brokerage charges for buy and sell shares are same but in Delivery brokerage charges are different because exchange charge extra money for that. Its different from one brokerage firm to another as like...
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    Hello Vaibhav, You can learn many things about market of your own like by simply searching it out from google, read some good books and articles or Opening a stock broker account with a low brokerage firm. Find a mentor, Study the greats, Read and follow the market, Consider paid subscriptions...
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    List of shares that could traded on intraday

    Yes only few selected listed stocks can be used for intraday & those stocks which are freezed cannot be used for intraday purposes and come under Z category. There are a proper list on the BSE website and rules written on it for that and one can take help of his broker as well.
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    Is it safe to give Power of Attorney to your broker to operate demat a/c?

    Answer: Nowadays Online Trading is very common so, one should have to give some kind of authority to his broker to trade easily and faster. The whole criteria of POA revolves around the customer will now. It quiet safe now because of SEBI rules and regulations. "According to the SEBI Circular...