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    Anyone provide real time implied volatility feed for options

    You can look it up in NSE Option Chain. Click on the strike price of the option you want the IV for and a window will pop up with the price. In there is an entry called "IV". I can't see why you would want a streaming IV. The difference is usually miniscule on a minute to minute basis. Just my...
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    New NSE (almost) RT Datafeed for Amibroker

    Yep, COM it is. Periodicity - 1m,5m,15m and EOD.
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    New NSE (almost) RT Datafeed for Amibroker

    I coded a solution for my private use. It only pulls quotes for NSE Index (since I don't trade anything else, it didn't make sense putting in the rest). I'll enhance it to include other scrips shortly. Here a screenshot of how it looks. It initially pulled RT data from Google until they pulled...
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    Data Feeder For Amibroker

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    How does cheap data provider work?

    Having traded and lost a lot of money in the markets, I concluded that if you need minute-by-minute data to analyze the market, you do not have the bigger picture. You only need to trade off of the Daily charts. Occasionally the hourly will come in handy. But to win consistently, you need to get...
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    Stupid newbie question...

    What is the margin I need for 1 lot of Nifty Futures if Nifty is at 9250? This is a margin table from RKGlobal which I really don't understand. Which is the column I need to keep in mind? What does "Span" mean? Is "Total Margin" the amount I need to have to buy one lot of Nifty? Thanks a...
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    RT datafeed to amibroker

    I was with Globaldatafeeds for 3 years until I discontinued last month. I was at work and I had a chat with their support over a problem. I told him that I was not allowed to permit remote access. But the support staff insisted that I must have a pirated copy of Amibroker. My problem sorted...
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    Nifty Lot Size reduced to 25-Effective 31st October 2014.

    I have been trading with RK Global for the last 3 years and I generally average between Rs.2000-2500 in commissions per month. Now my commissions will double. If RKG has no plans to reduce brokerage, I will be migrating to Zerodha from this Nov as soon as my Zerodha a/c is ready.
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    RKGLOBAL problems

    I used to have an opinion similar to @pkapadia. I used to think there is something very fishy about my vanishing funds. When I studied the detailed ledger in RKG's Backoffice, I discovered that the "missing" funds was due to my "Buy-High Sell-Low" Trading Strategy (@Copyrighted Trading Strategy)
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    Ask-Bid Ratio... does this explanation make sense?

    Shouldn't it read the other way around? I mean, if there are more orders on the ASK side and less on the BID side, doesn't it mean that there is more selling? The above is taken from the Amibroker README file. Can any of the experts clarify? Also what does "dark liquidity pools" mean? Thanks in...
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    Free realtime software

    Ami is not for the faint of heart. It has some serious power under its hood and when you have so much power, there is always a learning curve. It runs circles around other charting software when it comes to its scripting and rendering engine. But most non-coders find the software very...
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    Can I Short Sell a "PUT" Option ?

    Got it ! Gee, you are quite the teacher. When you put it that way (no pun intended) it becomes crystal clear. Thanks buddy !
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    In-the-money Options trade.

    Re: Brokerage charges for NIFTY CE/PE? Go for the cheapest one. I got ripped off by IB. Now I use RKG. For charting, I subscribe to one of the RT data vendors and do TA on Amibroker. They charge Rs.9/- per lot but in the end it comes to around Rs.20/- a lot each way (incl. the mysterious...
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    Can I Short Sell a "PUT" Option ?

    Woah! @trader.trends, you mean 'selling' a Put is not as simple as buying a Put? If the Put is going for 80, I presumed I could just 'short sell' the Put by ponying up 80*50 and I'd be in the game - just like I would be if I were buying a Call or a Put. *scratches head vigorously*
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    Can I Short Sell a "PUT" Option ?

    Thanks for the quick response !