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    Mutiple time frame in trading system and multi conditions in afl

    I have same question but situation is oppsite. I work in 15min candles.... and if certain condition(signal) is generated in 5min candle how to show it in 15 min candle chart.
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    Help Needed to formulate Strategy in options...

    I am intraday trader. I have developed one strategy using technical indicators like cci 8,20, 50 and accDst indicator. Whenever this strategy gives me a SIGNAL in amibroker on 15 Min candle, It does not give me a buy/sell signal. It tells me there is trade. Example. - suppose signal comes for...
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    How to trade this spread in options? Help needed.

    I have developed one strategy based on technical indicators. success rate of this strategy is 70%. Sometimes I get profit sometime I get trapped in losing position due to time decay. I am providing example -: Suppose trading signal arrived at price 277 for ICICIbank. Now my trading strategy...
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    P = ParamField("Price field",0); How to check in AFL which price field is chosen by user? In above case how to check P i.e. whether it is open, close or else?
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    how to check in afl which paramfield is chosen by user?