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    Need a trading office/group in Bangalore...

    Re: for bangalore based traders count me in ....!!!!
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    A plethora of material

    great link... thanks a lot
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    Classic Trading Quotes

    Thanks all for good wishes, here are some more..... I have named this quotes set in my database as "Imbibe these in you" . i hope to atleast imbibe 10% of these in me.... I had actually given the source URL from which i collect it daily but, for some reason traderji decided to censor it...
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    Classic Trading Quotes

    the second half ..... I believe that systems tend to be more useful or successful for the originator than for someone else. Its more important that an approach be personalized: otherwise, you wont have the confidence to follow it. Its unlikely that someone elses approach will be consistent...
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    Classic Trading Quotes

    It is a collection of daily quotes from the net , no secret about it..... here is more or the entire collection from my library [ just half of it] Most aspiring traders underestimate the time, work, and money required to become successful. To succeed as a trader, one needs complete...
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    Online portfolio tracker

    could anyone suggest me a good online porfolio tracker other than site has too much traffic .. It is not accessible during market hours. The portfolio tracker should be able track your transaction i.e if i keep buying the same stock it should...
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    Articles on Trading Psychology by Dr. Brett N. Steenbarger If you are an intra-day trader you got to read each of his articles minimum 10 times.... definetly it wont be a waste of effort...
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    Classic Trading Quotes

    You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody. This is the life of a successful trader. Many aspire to this but few succeed. An amateur looks at a quote screen and sees millions of dollars sparkle in front of his face...
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    Nifty Analysis

    I am also unable to see attachemnts. It says i dont have permission, Could you,Traderji, please enable the same for me. This my 3rd post on traderji. Thanks Sanjay
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    Re: books on stock market For long term investment you could read "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham ...... who is the guru of Warren Buffet. This was first book read by Warren & still he swears by this book. For trading best books would be 1. "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator"...