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    Trade Smart Online

    Hello TradeSmartOnline, I am planning to open a new trading+demat a/c. I checked with 3 discount brokers including TSO. (Already have demat/trading a/c with bank). Finally, I reached 2 of them incl. TSO. I trade only in cash segment, so comparison only on the same segment. Difference...
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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    I am only looking for the content of the course, not video/sessions.
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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    Mahajan344: Could you please share course content?
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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    ST & Raamakant: Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I am aware of the fact - to become a profitable trader, it takes lot of time ( in years n years as you mentioned) and need lot of practice i.e. actual trades. But before jumping into it, does this type of training really helps? technique they...
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    online trading academy

    Oilman5: Nice info you have added. Thanks! Whats your view on Sharekhan's ignition online course (with OTA), duration: 1 month, they charge Rs 40,000/- for the same. Is it really worth? Planning to join their December-14 batch.
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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    Sachin: I am planning to attend Sharekhan's ignition online course (powered by OTA). Could you please share course content. Also, Is it really worth doing this course by investing Rs 40,000/-?