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    I'm unable to sell intraday stock.

    Broker is tradejini. But when I'm selling by selecting CNC my order is getting rejected. When I use MIS the sell order is getting completed and at the end of the day I am seeing a buy order of same stock of same quantity.
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    I'm unable to sell intraday stock.

    Hi, I bought 1000 stocks of XYZ @ Rs. 17 Intraday at 12:30 AM. At 3:00 PM I see that the price has gone down to Rs. 15, so I think I'd rather wait for it to go high and pay the Delivery brokerage anyway. When I am trying to sell them next day my order is getting rejected with reason "Check...
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    Sell Order Rejected For Check Holdings

    Hi I'm new to trading when i am trying to sell a stock my order is getting rejected for reason check holdings for entity account. Please help me in this.
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    I have lanco Infratech @8.32 and Neo Corp @ 12.75 what should I do now?

    Hi friends I have Lanco [email protected] and Neo Corp [email protected] both 100 shares each. Should I sell now or hold? Please suggest me.