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    Nifty trend

    Are the charts use to track futures/options diff from normal stocks charts
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    Biocon Made Cup And Handle Pattern???

    Re: MTNL is on the verge of making CUP & Handle Hi, MTNL is on the verge of making CUP & Handle Formation... Currently it is at the Handle Formation on daily chart .... I am not able to upload the chart... Watch out..... if its successful it will reach a target of 135 rs in the coming...
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    live charts

    Anybody please give me a link where I can see 1 minute charts
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    NIFTY Futures Mechanical Trading

    Hi Vinod, you are doing excellent job.. I have one query please answer it as I have just started learning about F & O.. I have not understood "If trades below 5573, exit LONG & go SHORT with SL 5728" So if its trading below 5573 we will sell off so how can we put stop loss of...
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    Newbie's Question on Futures

    Thanks Marcus .. Could you tell me what is margin call ??
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    Biocon Made Cup And Handle Pattern???

    Cup and Handle Formation is already Over and the desired target of 650 is already achieved.. :cool:
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    Newbie's Question on Futures

    1)What is the Spot Price? 2)What is the Difference between Spot Price and Nifty Future Price? 3) If we are in Loss and don't have Enough Margin to maintain Position, will the Contract be get sell automatically, and the amount returned will be Market Lots (Buy - Sell Price(Lowerthan Buy Price))...
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    What is the Title of the Book and Author Name???
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    Pesavento Patterns

    I couldn't see detail Explaination
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    Pesavento Patterns

    Sir , Could you please explain what is this Butterfly pattern and how to spot it. I have never heard that such patterns exists. It would be good if you could help me to understand it. regds sachin
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    Morning Star or Not??

    Look for RSI, stocastic and other technical Indices which works for you. regds sachin
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    Morning Star or Not??

    Hi Guys, Whenever you see any patter in Downtrend or uptrend..It doesn't mean that the trend is going to reverse but you can say that the previous trend is going to end and it will either sideline or will reverse. But you have to watch for other technical Indices for this to...
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    Trendline Change

    jamit_05 : Could you please explain about fibbonacci retracements . I want to learn how to calculate and plot on a chart regds sachin