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    Beginner In Stock Market, Looking For Exclusive Knowledge

    Youtube is very useful, and you can consider Varsity to learn more
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    Best Trading Platforms to trade Indian Stocks?

    Please do specify what type of trading you are looking for, are there any other features that concern you like brokerage, smooth operation, etc? Talking about brokerage, you can use finvasia, their brokerage is free in all segments.
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    What keeps you motivated to keep trading when some of your portfolios took a loss?

    Take a break and come back with clearer mindset.
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    What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

    You need to find the way to minimize the losses, so that you can understand how to maximize the profit. Also, make sure to place stop loss
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    is there any diffenence between on/offline shopping

    But then again, coming to wearable product, it might be difficult to do.
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    How do I get FASTag for my vehicle?

    Do they charge anything for that?
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    Can vouch for finvasia for their pricing. Platform needs some improvement, hopefully it will happen sooner than later.
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    Hello Jeet here

    That is very good to know. And welcome to the community.
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    Is VP financials genuine?

    Very interesting to see, options can be very risky and the fact that he is able to make profit 90% of time can be seen fishy.
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    help/suggestions needed!!!!

    This thread has been quite old, but I do hope he took your advice serious to his heart. @primitivetrader Trading intraday at such young age with zero knowledge is going to harm him in the long run and he will always regret to the day. There are some better option that he can go for, MFs, FDs...
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    Trading account opening without demat account

    I remember that when I had my account opened with finvasia and there was this option to open a new demat account or connecting to existing demat account, so you can uncheck on those. Plus their brokerage is rs 0 for options trading.
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    How i can avoid Forex trading scams

    I don't know much about forex trading but I'm sure checking out whether they are licensed and has approval with regulatory authorities just like how most of Indian stocks have to be approved by SEBI before offering services to traders.
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    Hey Folks!

    Welcome buddy, looking forward to hearing your view.
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    I have noticed that some people tend to overtrade to the point where it is basically 100 per day. I am as shocked as you guys are. The highest that I went was one time with 10 trades, but even I felt that was too much for me.
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    Overtrading is doing more than 100 trades in a single day, you won't believe when I heard such stories like that. In simple term, addiction happens when you are constantly trading, even after making multiples losses and not improving at one or some point.