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    1-2-3 Chart Pattern

    This article is from Joe Ross -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you when you have both a 1-2-3 low and a 1-2-3 high taking place at approximately the same time? This is a situation in which you can often look at fundamentals...
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    I am confused with your definition of "pinbar". Also, every pinbar will not be effective. Pinbars will be effective in the support/resistance zones. Donot forget to include volume while interpreting pinbars. These are not usual markets. They are heavily manipulated and news driven. Even the...
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    A simple explanation for today's bar would be like this (I have not gone through intraday chart. Comments are solely basing upon your posted chart) 1. Price has been falling and today price opened with a huge gap. 2. Price rallied heavily. But bulls could not sustain the upmove. 3...
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    I have not understood what you are trying to say. Can you explain a little bit more? Thanks in advance R. S. Iyer
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    Somebody somewhere said. Let it fall at the rate of 1000 points on a minimum for three or four days in a row. Roz Roz ka Khitkhit Khatam :D :D
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    True. It is one's current experince (i.e. experience in last trade or at best last a few trades) that moulds his decision. You know from where I am quoting the below passage. The below passage is a timely reminder "Starting from the simple ground that the logical action of a stock was to...
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    25 Jan is far far away. Anything can happen in between. Now a day's longest holding period is being measured in minutes, if not in seconds :lol:
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    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On

    I assume from your post that 1. The owner of the ledger mentioned in your quoted post is known to you. May be perhaps directly under your control now with responsibility to bring it back to profit or at least to recover the losses. 2. More importantly, some strategy is taking shape (or...
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    Current news & Rumours in the mkt

    Take care about these things, which on the face of it appear like mild tremors. But soon these will turn out to be major earthquakes. Helicopter Ben, your policy of printing dollars is going to backfire sooner or later. This one appears to be the first step...
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    Who is giving best F&O Tips--Pls suggest

    Will this thread help to makeup your mind? I hope so
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    Current news & Rumours in the mkt

    Most probably he meant India to be a world power in corruption. Look. Right from Bofors to Kargil coffin scam to CWG scam to Adarsh Housing Society scam to the latest 2G scam, the looted amount has grown bigger and bigger in size. And now we have a new definition for high morale. Just make money...
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    Fanatic's View !!!

    Please try to resize the image. Or else one will have to move the browser window left and right so as to view the chart and to read the post. That is not a very pleasent experience. If you upload the image to imageshack it automatically resizes the image for posting in forum. Just my suggestion.
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    Hi from the FCharts programmer

    Hello Simon, Welcome to the forum. I am one of the registered users of your great software. Since your PM is not enabled, I am constrained to post this here. I donot know why FCharts is not updating BSE data. Also, if someone tries to update NSE data after the closure of market hours with...
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    KISS like McGrath

    SM, It is here where many of us learned the initial lessons in trading. You see, even after getting a post graduate degree from university, still one will love the school which he has attended in his early part of life as a kid. It is that sort of respect and that sort of attraction which...
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    Can L&T touch Rs.10000 in 5 Years ?

    Reread my earlier post again. What I have highlighted in your quoted post is what I was talking about. It is the revenue buildup of future not the past. Warren Buffett, George Soros etc. have vast resources and financial muscle to do the proper "fundamental analysis". Funniest aspect is that no...