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    Metatrader for Indian markets

    Anyone has history data for Nifty for last 5 years or 10 years in .csv for mt4 to run back test .Thanks
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    Hi I would like if anyfreind can find some information and point of investment for this company as they are giving very good return nearly 10% a month I would like to start this thread to check if any suggestion i can collect before i invest with risk and reward to be in attention It looks...
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    AFL required

    Hi I will appreciate if anyone can create afl for following strategy Ichomoku Kinko Hiyo Cloud (please make the parameter can be changed in the afl ) according to my requirement as need to test it + SMA 20 I just want the cloud Part only. once sma lines crosses the cloud to open buy...
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    AFL coding help needed ! Thanks !

    Hi Sultan Can you share me the afl formula of zzzz/d2 that i saw in your Image shack and how to set up and find the result like your picture .Thanks
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    Can anyone clean this afl

    Thankjs a lot Kelvin for your hard work to help me out with this I will give a test and post the result Many of Them are using this in Thailand stock Market and TFEX Like Nifty in India .I will give some test and come up with the information Kelvin can i talk to you on skype My Skype is...
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    New AFL need some help Double filter AFL

    Hi I would like to request if someone has time to create New Afl from following strategy MACD signal on following condition When Short term Macd value of 26,12,9 crosses above long term macd value of 35,3,5 and have 5 ema cross above/below 10 ema will enter first position and...
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    Need Help to convert into MT4

    _SECTION_BEGIN("Chart Settings"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("Outer Panel",colorPaleBlue)); SetChartBkGradientFill(ParamColor("Upper Chart",1),ParamColor("Lower Chart",23)); GraphXSpace=Param("GraphXSpace",10,0,100,1); dec =...
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    Can anyone convert this AFL of Amibroker into Expertadvisor in MT4 with aouto buy sel

    Re: Can anyone convert this AFL of Amibroker into Expertadvisor in MT4 with aouto buy I need external parameters where i can change the time settings into day and other TF or it should be used on anytimeframe when i opened and plot expert on that tife frame .Thanks
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    Need Help to convert into MT4

    _SECTION_BEGIN("backgound colour 20 EMA"); crossup= C>EMA(C,20); if(StrToNum(NumToStr(crossup)))bgColor = colorGreen; else bgColor = colorRed; SetChartBkGradientFill( colorBlack, bgColor); _SECTION_END(); can please anyone change this code for background colour to bechanged as this...
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    MetaTrader: Indicators, Trading Systems and Strategies

    Hi can anyone change this afl from amibroker to Metatrader from this number 1 post and can create it into expert advisor auto buying too and can add buy sell alert .I am personally trading this and start liking it it seams good just to add another filter after testing i have posted the link...
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    Help regarding basic cross-over

    Hi I am testing this AFl and i like it personally I want to use this AFL and seeing real trading in My country Not Nifty but Thailand market it seems good system I need to add another filter for this same system as indicator is wave trend the AFL is below if it is oversold -64 and all...
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    Need help from experts !!

    Hi Can you share it as i am trading for Thailand stock market looks interesting to my email:[email protected] Thanks
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    Can anyone clean this afl

    See daily on number 7 becausethe name s 7th heaven so number 7on daily should be good See back test if good or not
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    Can anyone clean this afl

    Hi You need to test Indian market This group is good and I think it might work as I am trader in Thailand market only so no idea for your market if work it is good for you all Best of luck