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    NSE Amibroker Database 5 yrs with self update

    Sir Is there some problem in AMIQUOTE for last 2-3 days. Unable to download REALTIME Live data during market hours. Some scrips are shown as Data not found. And after filling / not found few symbols, AMIQUOTE shuts down automatically. Can some please help to resolve the issue. Warm Regards-RB
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    NSE Amibroker Database 5 yrs with self update

    Sir I have the updated TICK data in one computer (having few ticker with NSE:XXX name) which i want to EXPORT the 15min data into ASCII file so i can copy text files and import it in the other computer. Can you please guide what I need to do warm regards-RB
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    Help Requested: Trendline getting deleted from all tabs if deleted from one

    Dear Members, Am facing a strange problem with Ami 6.00.1 wherein if i add any EMA, MA, trendline, mark, text, etc to any tab - the same gets replicated on all tabs. Similarly, i delete any of the above from any other tab, it gets deleted from all tabs. Looks like I have linked something...
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    NSE Amibroker Database 5 yrs with self update

    Sir Can you pleae guide how to export Intraday data to text file for scrips with NSE:XXXX (where XXXX is the symbol name). I have downloaded an "Export intraday data to ASCII" - which works for all stocks except stocks with NSE:XXXX. warm regards-RB
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    Help Requested - Mark and delete horizontal lines based on Current Price

    Dear Members, Request you to please help with AFL (currently plotting manually) for adding and deleting horizontal lines based on current price. Say for example, if Bergepaint is @ 281, I should be able to plot 283, 285, 287, 290, 292 (on higher side) and 276, 273, 268,etc (prices are random...
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    Trade Tiger to Amibroker Live Feed details requested

    Dear Members Can someone please help with the tool / utility from which I can import Live data from Trade Tiger into Amibroker ? The official charges of Sharekhan are very high and hence am looking for options. Looking for this as have observed that the paid services are charging but giving...
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    Help required to correct code - ADX Monthly Buy-Sell

    Dear Members, Being a novice in programming, I'm trying to code ADX to give a Buy/Sell signal wherein, in the earlier candle, ADX is above or below PDI / MDI and an arrow plotted when it crosses the PDI /MDI - On Monthly time frame. Request you to pl check and help to correct the code...
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    Option Oracle - Your Tips/Feedback

    Hello OO 1.6 does not work with my also. CBOE server not found is the error I'm getting. Tried all possible combinations mentioned in the one of thread (uninstalled and reinstalled, etc). But, just not working. Can someone pl guide what settings are required. warm regards...RB
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    Exploration help required - ADX going higher from 14 - 20

    Thanks, Kelvin... Will check and revert....(And, sorry for the delay in replying to your kind efforts).... :-)
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    Sharekhan Options Brokerage and other Charges Calculator in Excel

    File not available Request you to reload please....
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    Need Help to understand ZERO value Option

    Hello Just wanted to know that suppose if I bought a Call / Put at an X price (Say 0.50ps) and before expiry it turned to 0 (zero) - Basically effect of market going in the reverse direction. But later, the market again started in the direction of my option and trading started in that option...
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    How to plot F&O data in Amibroker

    Hello Members, At the outset, I may be asking a stupid question. Pardon me for that... Like the way we load any scrip's CASH OHLC in Amibroker, can we load that scrips Futures / Options data in Amibroker? Reason for asking this question: Say for example, yesterday May 2102 contracts...
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    MACD Crossover - Multiple Timeframe-HELP REQUESTED

    Hey Guys, I've managed to do this myself :thumb:. Thanks to The Lord, who suggested a page. That page was not useful. But I should admit that I got an idea of what to do....then googled for mutlipletimeframe option and with a lot of trial and error, managed to get what I wanted..... Thanks The...
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    MACD Crossover - Multiple Timeframe-HELP REQUESTED

    The Lord, Thank you for the same. Infact, I had already visited this page just yesterday night. But, unfortunately, this is not what I am looing for ..... :( Thanks, anyway. warm regards..RB