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    Broker providing highest marging for intraday option selling with minimum brokerage ?

    Aliceblue _ 6 lots on regular days 3 lots on expiry
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    Does anyone has account in Broker Called " The Next Trade "

    U need to maintain minimum margin amount of 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs to avail 3500/.lot option selling...check their website
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    Which brokers provide High Intraday Margin for Index Option Sellers?

    U can login thru bot n aliceblue...submit a request on Wednesday morning to avail 10x margin.on Thursday...they charge some minimum amount of 0.03% of the exposure capital for same
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    Alice blue option calculator

    Hi friends; Anyone using alice blue account for trading here? gone thru their website option calculator margin... Dont understand how much margin required to sell 1 lot nifty option under MIS... they have mentioned margin required and alice margin....which one s needed for MIS order
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    Anybody having account with finosys securities..........?????

    what is the trading platform they give to trade??they r operating another website in the name of theglobalsecurities
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    zerodha vs rksv vs rk global

    zerodha charges 20per trade or 0.01%,,whichever is lower,,i repeat WHICHEVER IS LOWER,,unlike other brokers,,who ul arge whichever is if u buy 1 lot of mininifty at 5000/..ur brokerage is jus rs..10..if its more than 3 lots,,then its rs..20/..hope u got the the best broker...
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    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading @ 1947/-

    yes xctly..m jus covering my previous longs and entering shorts for the same 20 lots..not fresh 40 lots short..previously in my odin terminal such facility were not there and v have to sqaure off the first longs and then only enter fresh that part is clear.. coming to u r second...
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    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading @ 1947/-

    well rksv,jus a question regarding margin trading in optidx..say for eg.with a trading capital of 50000/ and i buy 20 lots of 5000ce at a premium of 50 rs(total value=50*50=2500*20 lots(1000 units)..say now immediatley if i have to reverse my trade..i repeat reverse the trade..that means short...
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    Odin & amibroker on mobile

    deleted wrong post
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    hello there any optin to disable entring transaction password for every single odin v didnt have this..its very time consuming if v want to execute a trade fast..if v r placing stioploss order then its a no problem..but sometimes v need to execute it immediatley..then this...
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    5% for intrady and 10% for delivery..but thye square off transactions by 3.10 pm if u have only 5% margin money..
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    so waz the procedure for transfering the amount in nse to mcx trading and how many days ul it take??
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    R K Global Issues!

    if v have funds in mcx and no open postions in either mcx or nse, do they allow trading in nse??:)
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    R K Global Issues!

    Re: HELLLLLLLLLLLLP!!! RKG Web Loads pathetically slow i guess it 9/lot for F&o
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    R K Global Issues!

    waz the diff between rkf web version(99/month) and odin version(300/month) v get real time quots in webversion??..does order gets executed immediately in webversion??any price freeze here alaso like in odin??can v maintain an offline like account where i dont hv to maintain compulsory...