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    Hakija: A free NSE end of day data downloader

    No Version is working. getbhavcopy is.Net problem. ABCD is working fine. Hakija not working.
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    Coded EoD Metastock data

    I am interested in Metastockdata. Who is your data vendor? Try Here they provide live data for both Amibroker and Metastock. Take a free demo first.
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    Brokers providing same funds account for commodity and equite

    When I asked this kind of facility about 3 years before, Zerodha executive said it can't be done, because it is illegal. I have account in Zerodha all segments, but in finvasia only NSE.
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    Need Real time data feed for Ninjatrader 7

    Impossible. Better use charts. Even free users also get many good futures.
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    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    visit , if you want more type stock market technical analysis, you will get more.
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    Teach a man to fish compilation(pdf)

    dropbox link is not working. File is not found there.
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    Fyers charge more than Rs50 as clearing and demat service charge for each positional trading. Suppose if I buy a stock 10 qty at 300 and sell it at 310, I will be charge around Rs60 or even more. Suppose if I exit at 305 I will be in loss. I think in India this is highest among all brokers...
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    Ninjatrader to Zerodha or any other broker

    Nijatrader is free but to use it properly and get the right kind of signals you need live data., Here you get live data for NSE. Paid indicators available here You can try foxtrader which is connected...
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    afl code wanted

    Copy the afl code in note pad and save with extension of afl.
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    How frequently are you facing chart problems with your broker?

    Zerodha is facing lot of trouble during market hours. Pi is crashing if you start the chart. Kite3 is also not reliable for charts. For option traders Zerodha is dangerous you buy but you won't be able to sell. I use zerodha charts only after market hours. I use fyers chart and fyersonex which...
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    upstox stole my 20,000

    It happened to me with zerodha. I placed sell order to minimize my loss but order can't be seen, so thinking that still my order was not reached again placed an order to close my loss making position, but after some time I will see a fresh sell order executed. In MCX I lost money in this way...
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    Hence why I migrated to finvasia.
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    Recently I opened account in finvasia. I found there are lot of improvements should be done that too basic like BTST, is not available. Your scalpert is good for nothing. It's a waste. Nest even though paid lacks lot of things, like you can't get Yesterday Low, High, pivot, support and...
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    Linkon's AFL collection...

    The link is not valid. File is not found. If any body have please reupload it. Thanks in advance.
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    My amibroker afl collections

    Thanks a lot for the above afls. God bless you.