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    TV Channel commentators: Experts or Astrologers?

    Repost : When I watch Indian business TV channels I feel very pity for viewers. All the day these so called experts talk about, buy/sell target and stop loss. Thats all. There is no meaningful or in-depth commentry / analysis discussion about economy, policy, basics, solutions, company...
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    Indian business TV channel Experts or Astrologers?

    When I watch Indian business TV channels like CNBC, CNBC-Aawaz, Zee business and many more. I feel very pity for viewers. All the day these so called experts talk about, buy/sell target and stop loss. Thats all. There is no commentry / analysis about economy, basics, solutions, company...
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    Quarterly dividend paying stocks?

    I am looking for stocks on BSE NSE which pay Quarterly divdends. I am not interested in annual payment. because yield% swings lot depending on price and I may get biased to select. Any website or screener to select stocks which offer quarterly dividend payments and good payout ratio? You can...
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    Swing trading futures/stocks in marginable account?

    Margin or Margin plus trading is generally related with daytrading or BTST. But that is too much of 'glued to screen' type trading for me. I am more interested in swing trading, holding futures(nifty or single stoks) positions for 1-3 weeks time period. Which brokers(sharekhan, zerodha, icici...
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    Capital gains tax account scheme to save taxes?

    You can save taxes on capital gains on real estate, shares, gold, property etc by putting them in a special capital gains account. These accounts can be opened at only specified psu banks. I wonder shares means is it applicable to gains from stock trading ? short term gains? or is it...
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    Collective Investment Scheme in stocks and futures trading?

    Collective investment schemes or money pooling got bad reputation because of frauds and cheating by promotors and investing from plantations to scrupulus businesses. SEBI came down heavily on such schemes. What if I with my 6-10 other friends form an LLP, pool money together(upto 1 crore) and...
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    ICICI Demat acct, link to Zerodha or RKSV

    A friend have ICICIdirect 3-1 account. but their brokerage is killing profits. Is it possible to keep ICICI demat account and do trading through Zerodha or RKSV? as usual icici donot know/reply queries Thanks
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    Sector based mutual funds ?

    Most of the fund houses offer very generic category funds. Is there any single fund house offer most number of sector based funds? I can see UTI or Reliance offer Pharma Energy or FMCG. In any economy there are many major sectors(not commodities) going up/down. CNX Nifty indices are IT, Bank...
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    Which brokers allow to trade Interest rare futures?

    can someone list brokers that allow to trade Interest rare futures? What are their brokerage charges and margin rates for intraday as well as holding these futures for a week or more. I hope these futures are liquid enough for trading. Thanks
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    Futures for bonds/fixed income segment?

    Are there any futures available for bonds/fixed income segment? Nifty futures are stocks only. Can I hold nifty futures for longer time, a week? i dont want to daytrade/glued to screen. What are margin requirements for long holding?
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    NRI person as Nominee on resident's brkge acct?

    Resident Indian person will be opening brokerage account at Zerodha or RKSV. He would like to nominee NRI person(US). NRI have pan card and details but a US address. Is it possible? What are advantages/disadvantages of NRI nominee? ps: this is not NRI opening brokerage and nominating...
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    Brokerage accounts for partnerships / entities

    Discussions about brokerage services revolve around individuals opening accounts. Are there any brokers who offer trading accounts for entities like Limited partnerships, Pvt Ltds, LLPs etc? Me and a friends want to establish partnership, pool money and start trading.. Are brokerage charges...
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    Which Platform/Broker offer order execution at predecided time?

    I simply want to send my equity market/limit order at my predecided time, say 0200pm or 0300pm to the market. Which software platform or broker offers this facility? That way I don't have to be glued to monitor. Add-on will be predecided date and time also.(similar to MF orders) Thanks
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    ICICIdirect executed overnight order in PreMarket Session

    Some details from other brokerage websites indicate Overnight or Pre-open orders will be collected from 0900-0907am. Depending on collection of orders NSE will determine approximate opening price for that security. Any of collected orders matching with that approximate opening price will be...
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    ICICIdirect executed overnight order in PreMarket Session

    icicidirect I placed overnight market order to purchase 100 shares of security xxx. After placing order, message displayed, "your order will be sent to exchange when market opens" When i checked next day, order was executed at pre-open session around 0907 am. and i got worst fill price of...