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    NSE BSE - EOD Data - Bonus Splits Adjusted

    link expired, may ,plz, upload again
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    discrepency in reported shareholding data

    dear friends, i had been always a deep observer of share movement in company analysis. this gives a first hand view of supply/demand scenario. but there is a catch which i noticed several times. comanies have reported change in share holding data of promoter without being reglected in insider...
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    WARNING Beware of Market Data Provider

    thanx ! I was almost going to join them.
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    Amibroker - AFL Examples

    dear saji, i have formulated afl for overlaying relevent indices data over their codes.i.e. { if (MarketID(0)==3)PlotForeign("S&P CNX Nifty","nifty",colorGold,styleOwnScale|styleThick); if (MarketID(0)==1)PlotForeign("900010","sensex",colorGold,styleOwnScale|styleThick); //plot nifty over nifty...
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    Nifty Futures Trading

    Dear friend, there is a lot of difference between paper & real trade. espescially this one. real issues in trading option comes only in reality. like the huge margin required for mark to mark in india. unlike west ,there is no benifit in hedge strategy . broker will treat every position as...
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    Nifty Futures Trading

    Dear friend, the only problem with this strategy is in execution & brokerage. it is very hard to execute these 4 trades with 89 point gain. if u have tried this then ,plz, share ur experience. for me even roll over of position is draining. another problem u'll face in mark to mark margin money...
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    Nse listed shares at p/e abv 50!

    go to icicidirect reserch
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    Most Horrible Times As A Ta

    hi, i gained that insight with the loss of 20k partly booked by rolling over from 5000 to 5200 call. though i thought i am hedging my gain with this short option. i definitely went for intuition and suffered this . as many times repeated by joe ross trade what u see not what u believe. my...
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    nifty calls

    TO BE FRANK, MAGNET, GETTING A SL LIKE 5 TO 10 POINTS needs a very close association with terminal ,since this much risk reward ratio is extreme and subject to many whipsaw , including a day trader approach. this is only possible when u buy a support or sell resistance especially established...
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    the new options oracle for options

    please , guide how to dnload this software. no link is apparent.
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    nifty calls

    Seems a good post magnet, well i do play nifty with my own style. i feel we can discuss a lot. right now i am trying to play volatility explosion depending on fed reaction, with a target date of 18-19. i had created a position of 350-350 nifty 4500 call-put lot with avg price of 171 per nifty...
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    Futures price discount to spot price and its implications

    though logically when buyers exceed seller discounts should go and premium should come and vice versa. but i have been seriously noting that discount or premium not giving exact picture .infact it was mostly opposite case discount led a bull move and vice versa. one thing is clear there is...
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    dilemma between money management principle and probability of this game

    hi, i am not a day trader.i do trading based on day pattern . since day pattern most of times have 5-10% stop loss point from cash price.Since most of the future lot comes to the size of 3-4 L. typical stop loss cost around 15 to 30k.which violates money management. if i follow support...
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    dilemma between money management principle and probability of this game

    dear friends , i am initiating this thread to discuss the conflict of money managment principle and the probability of your trade risk . i have chosen this f & o segment because here certainly being a small account <10L means a tighter money managment control. though i do'nt advise trading in...
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    Sms Alert For Price Trigger

    i talked to sharekhan ,they said no this is not available