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    Confusion regarding Options Implied Volatility

    Hi all, I am confused about Options IV. I would really appreciate if you guys help me to clear the confusion. What I read is, IV is a variable in option pricing formulas that shows how much an underlying asset can fluctuate between now and the option's expiration. Also, other definition...
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    Studying Price and Implied Volatility relationship for Options - PNB

    Thanks Sarang. But any specific reason that IV (ATM) for PNB is always more than 50? Why it is so high even there is not much price volatility? Also, what should be the approach when price is high and IV is also high and price is low and IV is also low?
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    [WEBINAR] Implied Volatility: From Theory to Practice

    Is there any link to watch this webinar online?
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    Studying Price and Implied Volatility relationship for Options - PNB

    Hi All, I am studying Price and IV relationship. I am studying PNB and trying to compare price with its IV. I read that, whenever price is high, IV will be low and vice versa. General Trading setup: If Price is high and IV is low then CE and PE will be cheap. In such scenario buy PUT. If...
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    How to calculate project earning?

    Hi, How we can calculate projected earning to calculate intrinsic value of company?
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    Midcap stock

    Hi, I am learning fundamental analysis. Want to invest monthly in midcap stock. I was using for fundamental data. Apart from normal criteria like pe ratio, book value, face value how can I use balance sheet, total asset, liabilities and past cash flow to select stock.
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    Teach A Man To Fish Printable Version To Download.....

    Please check post number 88. You should able to download after removing spaces.
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    Future date wise open interest and price detail

    Hi, Where can we get date wise future open interest and price detail? I tried NSE website but no able to find it.
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    how you will "BUY" an option.."NO OI TALKS, NO OPTION WRITING" 30-50% is profit tgt

    Re: how you will "BUY" an option.."NO OI TALKS, NO OPTION WRITING" 30-50% is profit t Hi Ńítíń, How you choose option stocks to trade for intraday?
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    NIFTY Options Trading - Intraday

    Hi, I started this thread when I was trading intraday on nifty option. But after continueous losses and after traderji members valueable suggestion started delivering them. Now my losses are reduced and slowly recovering them.
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    NIFTY Options Trading - Intraday

    Currently holding, 1) TATASTEEL AUG 280CE at 3.70rs. 2) MOTHERSUMI AUG 400CE at 2.15rs
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    Impact of dividend on stock Call Option

    Hi, I tried to find out the answer of "Impact of dividend on stock Call Option" by searching in google. But didn't understand properly. So, best place is ask to experienced traders in traderji, to get answer in simple words.' I have bought one lot of TATASTEEL AUG 280CE at price 3.70rs...
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    My Options Trading Diary

    How you decide which stock to buy? I bought Union Bank 230CE at 2.30rs and exited at 1.20 in panic in first 30mins. I read all the moneycontrol and news that sell union bank, so thought to book minimum loss but after that it went to 2.40. Lost 2300rs per lot. Need to learn many...
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    NIFTY Options Trading - Intraday

    Ok, After searching whole day and reading different articles, I understood below. Hope it will help to newbie in options like me and expert can correct me if anything is wrong, Below description is for CALLs, for PUT consider vice versa true. Delta - It is important factor to decide/increase...
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    NIFTY Options Trading - Intraday

    Thanks a lot sir. I was going through this forum and also searched on google about greek and time decay. I got few links where they were talking about Delta, Theta..... But I am not getting clear article that mentions what is the perfect time to buy options at particular premium. And also, due...