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    Brokerage Charges

    They do not have any specific plans as such. You can simply execute n number of trades at zero brokerage.
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    Quit job for full time trading

    I balance trading with my job perfectly.
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    Brokerage Charges

    Yes you are right. There are brokers who have started to offer zero brokerage like finvasia, FIT plan by kotak and also tradeplus online has unlimited plan (for fno).
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    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    Exactly, it is better to be alert in advance.
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    Careful with Upstox, trade with other save yourself

    This is not the case with all discount brokers though. Even I faced some issues with my previous broker and ultimately chose a discount broker finvasia and they work pretty good for me. Good brokerage structure-flat 0 and platform NEST is relatively stable. As you also seem to find a broker for...
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    New to Traderji forum

    Welcome here. Looking forward to know your ideas.
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    Is it possible to earn a crore in share market

    I won't say it's not possible but it's difficult. However, there is no sure shot way to be certain that all your bets pay off. So, the right thing is to keep going with full understanding.
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    How did you know

    I got to know about traderji from one of my friends.
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    How to start trading

    An in-depth research to be precise.
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    What Money Management rules you follow

    Money Management is like a make or break kind of a thing that impact the trader’s longevity the most. Poor money management may cause unforced errors even if you are a technically skilled trader. For me what’s important is that i avoid vengeance trading. Never place a trade solely to make up for...
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    Thematic Investing or Mutual Fund?

    True that. Mutual funds over thematic investing anytime.
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    I'm confused between SIP and Mutual funds.

    As said by all, SIP is a type of mutual fund only. I think it is better to invest in a SIP.
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    The top 5 things I learnt from trading

    2nd one is the most important factor for me in trading.
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    need for psychology books

    The Disciplined Trader is a good book and i think it’s a must have for every serious trader.