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    My Coffee Can Investing from Diwali 19 to Diwali 24

    nice strategy sir. good that only 2 stocks gave an exit all these years. Do u plan to get back into these stocks in the future based on any trigger? Also, is it a good idea to have a fixed stop loss, such as 20% or 30%?
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    Can someone share IEPF form 5 filled Sample

    Hi, I submitted my IEPF form online at their website. I got the response from them requesting following docs. Not sure where do I get them from: 1. Provide revised VR having a clear approved proposal of No of shares and Dividend. 2. Provide a self-attested & notarized copy of the client master...
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    Should I continue holding Dena Bank?

    Not sure if you would like my reply but anyway. If you're not sure of the fundamentals of a company, keep a stop loss at which you'll exit. 200EMA on weekly/monthly could be a good indicator to exit when broken to the downside. You don't need much technical knowledge for this. Just my 2 cents.
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    My Ichimoku Charts for Learning

    are you still using ichimoku?
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    RSEX strategy

    It is a strategy that uses RSI with EMA (21,9). I believe this indicator is available only in icharts platform.
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    Regarding Demat account maintenance charges

    I have an account with way2wealth, opened 8 years ago. I never used it though. I mailed them asking to close the account but they didn't respond. Even after several emails they didn't respond. I could not visit their office since I have relocated. Now if I visit their office for closure, will...
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    A Strong Trading Mind

    Completely agree. A case in point are the movies, 'PK' and ' Sanju'.
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    Need books

    Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas Trade your way to financial Freedom - Van Tharp Best books for discipline and money management.
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    How to save charts in investing ?

    Right click on the open chart, and select Add to Watchlist.
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    How to show meal and conveyance exemption in salary part?

    I believe conveyance and HRA exemptions are part of deductions from the employer. hence these are shown in form 16. You have to enter the salary amount after these deductions while entering in the IT website.
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    Quadra Safe Trading Strategy - I

    Rishi, Thanks so much for your efforts, which will help in understanding the system. I know how much work is involved in this. much appreciated. Note: PageZipper is one way you can get the pages of a thread.
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    Disadvantages of SIP

    One drawback that I could think of, is the high transaction charges due to frequent trades. if your transaction cost is low, then the broker will charge the minimum holding charges, in addition to the brokerage.
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    Quadra Safe Trading Strategy - I

    Waiting for the file, if ready.
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    ichimoku cloud strategy

    your chikou span was still below price when u took the trade. wait for it to break above price. So ur 1st trade was not a valid signal.
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    Day Traders Lounge.

    He is now afraid tat ppl will reject his next movie because of his remarks. So trying damage control