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    Attention! - Forex trading is illegal in India!

    hi, transfering money through netteller a/c to trading site is free. but on withdrawal up to 10000$ netteller is charging flat rate of 12$ per transaction
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    Use Of Astrology In Trading

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    Astro prediction for Intraday S&P Nifty - Live Updates (only if i've freetime)

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    Use Of Astrology In Trading

    i am sharing a excel tool which has a biorythm calculator and lots more. it shows days when your probability of winning is more than other days.
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    Astro prediction for Intraday S&P Nifty - Live Updates (only if i've freetime)

    just sharing a excel tool i have made. u have to give your birth details as input, it will make one month(currently april2011) graph of planetary transits to natal planets. also a 2nd graph for planetary transit through rashi (sarva points, indv astak points, money transits). a second sheet...
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    Astrological nifty

    hi swing i am also doing research with nifty. i am with you. my advice to you first test your predictions and check the probability of accuracy. if any thing gone wrong ,analyse the predictiing system what was missed out. again step towards next and next. afterward you will find the the...
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    Use Of Astrology In Trading

    some forcast a)20 oct 08 (sun leaves mer)- start of intermediate up trend b)10 dec 08 (jup -sat 5/9 ends) - new low will form and start of up treand c)8 feb 09 to 13 feb 09 (mar-mer sun -jup conj.) - slight market fall (similar to 18 dec 07) d)30 apr 09 (jup -sat7/7 starts)-start of...
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    what is premium and discount in futures market?

    when there is up trend,futures are sold at price higher than actual derivative price ( eg spot nifty)and similarly when there is down trend ,futures are sold at price lesser than derivative price.this price difference is called premium and discount. ie premium = nifty future price - spot...
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    Help me with NIFTY Futures

    Short Nifty At Every High,just Like Today.
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    Basic Formulas - Please Help ?

    you can add brokerage in the future profit formula
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    very very warm welcome p r s
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    Hi Y'All

    hi faizal welcome to the world of information about trading prsrivastav
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    Stock To Watch

    Pl Comment On Following Suven,rcf,tvsmotor,himachlfut,eurotexind
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    Use Of Astrology In Trading

    hi ravindra pl tell the name & author of that book prs
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    NSE DataExtractor for FCharts

    hi srisara on 29/04/2006 market was open,but data is not extracting with the utility. prs