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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Thank you Checkmate...Is there any way to edit the formula, so that we can see gap up/down if it's greater than or equal to 0.25%? Thanks for your kind help.....
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Thank you Lemon dew ,Good suggestion...
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Any body having a list of Gap days in NIFTY FUT/SPOT ?! If any body is having the list can you please share the list here. Or any pointers where i can get that info. Best Regards.
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    Selling trading signals

    You have to get registered with SEBI, otherwise it is not legal. By the way heard that Zerodha closed Open trade due to some regulatory issues, i am not sure you can confirm this with Zerodha. All the Best.
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    (MCX Comedy..Errr. Commodity) - How to Fake your Trade

    Welcome Back Tuna Bhai:)
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    Yes Bank - Beggar and Ferrari

    Nice way of advertising your website in disguise investing kick...But admins view your post and if you are doing this without paying for the may "kicked" out.;)
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    Looking for historical data

    Hi, Please check #8 in the below link...Hope this helps.
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    My Journey In Technical Analysis

    Hello XRay Bro, I would like to know how you are executing the trades in real time ? You are calculating Option entry prices at desired pull back level and placing the order (or) using any other "tool" to place the order when the BNF reaches your desired price level...Just curious to know how...
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    Do any stock brokers give this type of order?

    You mean you want to Buy below 102 if prices touches 102 and exit the trade at 98 if it touches 97...I am assuming you want to do it this way. This order type is called Triggered Limit order...but as far as i know no Indian broker is providing such orders,may be it is available with Interactive...
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    hi can any one tell me the stop and reverse system courses or tranier name pls

    Hi Daksh, Pawan Arora is a SAR trader but i don't know whether he is into training or not. He is a Zerodha winner and used to give NIFTY trading calls but it seems he stopped giving the calls. You can visit his blog below and inquire about the SAR training...
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    Zerodha or Upstox for Automated trading

    Try Interactive Brokers.......
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    Buying and selling in click

    Hi Gokul, I think Basket order will serve your purpose. NOW ,NEST and ICICI Direct offers the kind of orders.
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    How to get the last expiry options data?

    If you are looking for intra day Options data of BNF weekly options, You can try the below resource. If your requirement is daily data you can down load it from NSE website. I think Trend trade ji already explained it. Hope this helps.
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    Need help with a crude oil strategy

    Hi Faraz 89, Try learning Point and Figure methodology and develop a trading system based on the Pnf charting methodology. And try to trade Crude from Swing trading style than scalping style as you are planning. Even though it looks easy in paper trading scalping in markets will be tough as...
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    NSE Index Options Intraday data

    Dear TY, Please check the below link for BN weekly options intra day data... Hope this helps... All the best.