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    Inspirational quotes

    “I can’t accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying”
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    Common Rules to be followed in trading:

    Yeah. Thats right. Plus risk management is a must. One needs to figure out how much risk he can undertake for some expected returns.
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    From where to start investing?

    Educate yourself first before you start trading. You can try paper trading for the start.
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    Newbie trader

    Yeah. A stock broker is just a link that lets traders have access to the stock exchanges by providing them a trading platform from where they can buy and sell stocks. Its better to do a research before you start your journey as a trader.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    If you want to be a disciplined trader, you need to imbibe discipline in your everyday routine. Right form waking up to going to bed, you need to become disciplined. That;’s the best way to become disciplined in trading. Rest, you must learn to take responsibility for the decision you make and...
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    What is intraday trading ?

    Yeah . Day trading is a good style but make sure you have good knowledge about this style of trading before you get into it.
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    what's dividends

    Yaa right, so while looking for shares of a company you must have a look at their previous dividend distributions in order to ensure that the company has a good dividend policy.
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    How to be patient

    Impatience will only add up losses eventually. Also, whenever you feel you are becoming impatient, just shut your PC and take a break form trading. When you are calm get back to it again.
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    Intuitions about trading .

    Yeah i agree. Yes according to me too, only relying on intuitions won’t help you every time.
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    Learn about people's experiences investing in stock markets

    Yaa i agree. Learning is super important. I would say don’t start trading/investing until you have a good idea about these markets. And for the start, begin with a small amount and gradually increase your investments as you gain knowledge and experience.
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    luck based trading

    Yeah. One need not trade everyday to be a good day trader. The idea is to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Maybe you see opportunities on 3 consecutive days or today and then 3/4 days later.
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    Ego, emotion and trading.

    Yaa thats true! Emotions get into the way of trading. Its very hard to let them not affect your trades but one has to do everything to keep it aside.
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    How much capital should be allocated ?

    Well you need to decide that for yourself depending on your financial goals, expectations and risk taking ability. So figure that out first, then you can decide how much you can allocate to different stocks.
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    where to learn??

    While youtube, books, news, articles and trading forums will provide you enough stuff for learning. But actual learning will take place only when you practice. So trade with very small amounts to know what works for you and what not.
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    How to find good stocks ?

    Well my advice would be to pick up stocks that you understand. You have to do a research on stocks , shortlist some stocks and then match which type of stocks suit your risk tolerance limits and financial goals. For the start, invest in stocks that are well known for its stability and growth...