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    Trade Smart Online

    Hi TSO, I have some shares in my Demat. I want to transfer some shares to my relatives demat account with a different broker. Do I need to provide DIS to you? What will be the charges? As I stay in Assam do I need to send the DIS slip to you through courier? Is there any alternative and faster...
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    Can't open TSO thread.

    This thread not opening beyond page 78. I have cleared all the cache, cookies, History everything. Tried from my laptop also, but the problem persists.
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    VPS Share - Good broker... Better plans... Best pricing...

    @ VPS: Is the facility of AMO orders available with you? It is there in the NOW software, but my question is will you promptly push those orders to the exchange right at 9:15 AM? The reason I am asking because I had an account with RK Global and I have placed AMO orders with them using NSE...
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    VPS Share - Good broker... Better plans... Best pricing...

    @ VPS Will it be possible for you to implement a tool in the backoffice or anywhere else in your site from which traders can calculate the brokerage he/she has used so far and the remaining limit to touch the max cap. Please consider it. If you can add it it would be a boon for traders. :)
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    VPS Share - Good broker... Better plans... Best pricing...

    my friend want to open an account with you. But the problem is he doesn't have 6 months bank statement. He opened a new bank account and the earlier account is closed. So with less than 1 months statement will it be possible to trade in F&O
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    Zerodha Part 2

    Zerodha, I am in profit in commodities in 60 days challenge. I have claimed that from the backoffice 2-3 days ago. But still I have not received the brokerage back.
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    Diary of a day trader - Part 2

    @ ST da, Please do something for VPS. They want to participate? Please ask admin why he is banning VPS repeatedly? What does VPS needs to do in order to participate in TJ? Do they need to advertise with TJ? Do they need to pay TJ? or what do they need actually? VPS executive who was...
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    VPS again banned. Why this cold war going on between VPS and TJ? What offense has VPS done?
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    diary of a day trader

    I am silent follower of this thread. believe it or not I made a profit of just 96 paisa today. But my broker (RKG) sends me SMS for that too. Probably sending the SMS cost's more to the broker than my profit :p
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    Trade Smart Online

    @ Mihir: Referral links are not allowed in traderji. Remove them. You may get banned.
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    Manish Damani

    Crude oil inventories rise better than expected but in-spite of that price of oil increases. Can't make any head or tail out of it :confused:
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    Trade Smart Online

    @ Smart trade online: Do you provide DIS book or any welcome kit after account opening?
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    Trade Smart Online

    Thanks . Got it. But I have received it only today 12PM. Please try to da it a bit faster. One thing. Every time I login into NOW when placing any orders error comes it "Please select client". Called up NOW team for this, and they told me to refresh clients from file menu. That's fine problem...
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    Trade Smart Online

    I have traded in F&O today, but I haven't yet received my contract note. Got SMS though. When can I expect it?
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    Trade Smart Online

    I want to open a new account What are the documents required? Also the Free A/c opening is only for Trading account or also applies for both trading and demat account. I mean If I open both trading and demat account then both will be free for first 100 accounts?