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    Sniffer System

    Ken & Jain Thanks to you both for shareing this great knowledge. PERU
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    Time To Stick My Neck Out "Nifty 5000"

    Asish .... Predicted on March 2007,After the Ananlysis,Its true now. Keep it up. PERU
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    start of a equity trader in indian market

    Interesting thread.
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    Penny Stocks

    Re: Penny Stock and how to buy Thanks for your advice on penny stocks.
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    Rally ends and ready for a Crash Land!!!

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    Building Up A Portfolio At A 7000 Level

    Supratik, I have Techmah [email protected] ... [email protected] ...Can I aquire some more current price. Thanks ! - PERU
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    Make money by writing call & put options

    Enjoyed it ,Worthy reading.:)
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    Fundamental picks

    Thanks ! useful Links
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    Anyone heard of Chandra Kumar??

    Hi All, ( Not to Mansukh ,He May got the answer from great users of Traderji) Plenty of resources available in this site, As I am beginner learned lot from the write up of SAINT , Credit Violet lot of experts. Thanks! -PERU
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    Can an NRI trade in Derivatives?

    Re: can an nri trade in derivatives Yes, You can do , provided non repatriable basis.
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    Hi All from Peru

    Hi Guru's I am PERU , new member to our family (, I got lot of information from this forum by your valuable contributions. please keep post your experience and learning ,Also I'll be sharing my learnings with you all. For me exprience in this field is very very less , With...