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    FD online with different branches

    Very helpful post. and i agree liquidation online is more important than just opening online fd.
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    Technical Analysis Learning

    I have a question related to technical analysis class in Bangalore itself. I want to take up a Elliott wave theory course as I found it very difficult to learn from the book Elliott wave explained by petcher. Should I take it from mr. Bharat only since i have already done technical...
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    Technical Analysis Learning

    "Profits take care of themselves, losses never do" - Jesse Livermore I guess you are going down the correct path by working on minimizing your losses. Its just a matter of time before you turn profitable. However, with that said I am a little confused with the technique you mentioned -...
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    Technical analysis course

    the best way to learn technical analysis is do the CMT course. Now a days u do have institutes teaching the same. I stumbled on one such course by Bharat CMT on facebook from whom i had learned techical analysis. i liked the way he taught ta , so assuming cmt shd also be good.
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    Technical Analysis Learning

    there are yet another professional guys that teach crm india. precision technicals
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    Technical Analysis Learning

    bharat dugar .. i think the course to me makes sense, simply because it is from a person who makes a living out of trading in the market himself . . he is a fund manager in one real estate co. moreover he is a cmt - a good thing to have , after all you would not want your accountant to...
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    just born in share market field

    open a trading ac and demat account and start. lol... as simple as it gets on a more serious note, i would advice you to read the reports from brokers and newspaper. then may be you can think of doing a course on stock market
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    Hello from Bangalore

    you can check the moneycontrol website - you get free charts, news, fundamental data, views of other people and what not - pandora's box for a retail investor - u get almost everything
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    Technical Analysis COURSE in bangalore or chennai (TN)

    Hi I have seen plenty of advertisements on TA course in bangalore on the quikr website. may be you can select amongst them. but frankly, I do not think ta works.