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    RKSV or RK Global.

    Exactly, I am looking to open an account as well, and trying to choose between one of them.
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    RKSV - Unlimited Online Trading @ 1947/-

    Excuse me for a noob question, but I read somewhere that we need an demat account. I am looking to purchase the shares and sell them on the same day, so for this I dont need demat account, I just need to open an account at RKSV, fund the account, buy and sell, yeah?
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    New to Forex - Fees/Brokerage?

    Unfortunately nope :rofl:
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    New to Forex - Fees/Brokerage?

    I have been doing stock trading for almost a year now and I am thinking to dive into forex as well. One thing which I have figured out by now is that forex trading isn't directly legal in India and I will have to go to loops to get it working. So before I get into the loops, I would like...