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    rcrt robo !! any one used here for auto trading ?

    useless Happy trading
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    Data Feeder For Amibroker

    Dear Dinesh41544, The above Yahoo feed not working ,any help file or help video is there? Happy Trading
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    NestTrader & Autoit

    Dear Happylife, good indicative abou auto it. we expect more from you like this in a bundle/utility .. Happy Trading
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    Margin Penalty in spite of MTM profit

    most of the brokers are having different set of rules to calculate margin shortfall amount, bcas the collecting penalty is the additional revenue of broker. in this case MTM, someone clarify clearly with exchange rules. Happy Trading
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    Anybody using amiquote latest version?

    but present amiquote does not support google intraday data for indian exchange..!!
  6. O is Down or No More ??

    today works without issue, yesterday was down, they said, due to maintenance work..
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    Dear Happy_singh, ONE OF THE WHATSUP NO IS : 70870 31479 , JUST PUT UR REQUEST she will be guide you instantly open a/c..
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    need advance get link to download

    write to Traderscare at, they will help you. now i am out of trade..
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    NestTrader & Autoit

    Dear Happy Life , please reupload above exe once again, (snapquote.exe)
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    NestTrader & Autoit

    Dear Happylife.. dont close this thread and dont stop your effort to help other by autoit.. please provide full set of file as u mentioned in 1st post after you finished test... Thanks.
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    4shared is best, but need login..
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Normally weakened make a problem like this Monday resolve automatically..
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    can anybody tell me the name of the indicator or can provide the indicator file for mt4/mt5?????

    it may be ribbon of any custom indicater to make like it.. Happy trading..
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Dear Josh, first time i tried to download MF , got error, attached picture and downloaded txt file.. pls look into it,is right settings and downloaded txt is ok ? if u have any help file to MF and how to import it in amibroker please , Happy trading..
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    maybe your first terminal not linked with RTD. mean excel link not work..