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    Historical data of Nifty options, Bank Nifty and stock options

    Dear Friends, Can you please suggest the links for the following so that we get the last 2 years data 1) Nifty options data 2) Bank Nifty 3) Stock options data Need both Spot and Derivative market data I m OK with paid or on nse site Best Regards, Optionerd
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    If I sold a naked call and put in banknifty at far OTM strike - how should I hedge it?

    Agree with VNmaster The key for options lies in buying, selling and holding the stock and using the combinations of it ... You bet in one direction ( up or down ) .. You don't need options Futures/stocks will do
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    What is the risk of writing covered call?

    2 scenarios 1) Portfolios has stocks lying and we have no intention of selling... Want to get ' Rent on the investment' 1) Sell a OTM call ... Just collect the Premium .. Hold till expiration a) Stock falls .. Just take profits...
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    Historical DAILY Nifty OPTION CHAIN

    Friends, Can you pl let me know where we can get the Daily NIFTY option chain data for the last 5 years Optionerd
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    Historical Options Chain, greeks and IV

    Was excited to see this post on option chains... where do we get the data of the historical option chain at the end of each day for Nifty?
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    Went thru the link Please note that No Broker ( inc discount brokers ) will ever prefer his retail clients to go to Alpha membership.. The post in the link also proves the same If we have ALPHA MEMBERSHIP not only we have to pay no brokerage , but also have no margin calls. Moreover you...
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    I just want to add few points that will be of interest to all of us.. 1) There are various slabs with Deposits from Rs 25 L to 50 L for the Alpha membership to trade in F&O and in cash segments 2) I understood that there will be Max 50 client codes given ( This can be understood as few...
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    Friends, How to become a ALPHA member for NSE?? 1) What is the procedure to be followed 2) What Docs we have to produce and bank guarantees etc The NSE website has bits and pieces of information and I am not getting a big picture and what to do .. This will be very beneficial for...
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    NSE Trading Platform

    Hi Frends, I heard that we can get our own NSE trading platform at home ( or office ) if we pay Rs 50 LAkhs in deposit ( we can also show FDs in National banks for the same.. Even stocks in Demat account are OK) The advantage is suerfast trading, No brokerages , No M-M calls etc When...
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    List of Nifty old expiry dates ( since 2005)

    Thanks. It was very useful. Regards,
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    List of Nifty old expiry dates ( since 2005)

    What I mean is that the current nifty expiry is 31st May 2012, last month it was 26-Apr- 2012, in Mar it was 29-Mar-2012. Similarly, where can I find the list of all Nifty expiry dates ( atleast from Jan 2005 til date). Thanks
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    List of Nifty old expiry dates ( since 2005)

    Hi Friends, Where do we get the list of all Nifty old expiry dates ( Futures or options.. anyway date will be same) from at least Jan 2005 till May 2012?? Best Regards Ram
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    Option Greeks on Nifty

    Hi, How do we find the option greeks for Nifty options?? Is there any website or tool ... Thanks and Regards
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    Historical and Implived Volatility

    Why are my threads moved and merged?? They are all different topics and thought will be useful for other otption traders/beginers
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    Historical and Implived Volatility

    Greeks for Nifty Options Hi, How d we find the option greeks for Nifty options?? Is there any website ot tool ... Thanks and Regards