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    Reg - Obtain Lifetime Free Robo Plugin from me for AMIBROKER for Paper Trade Mode....

    Antivirus show HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Nion.gen virus in file.
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Plz check josh1 Signature for link. All files are available.
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    Difficulty in plotting buy sell signals.

    Without looking your AFL how come anyone give you solution?
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Yes i have done that and its same as buying and selling stocks. Nothing hidden.
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    Buying experience of paid amibroker trading system

    No one authorized to sell Amibroker license in India. You have to buy online from
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    Amibroker to Nest autotrade

    Check this https:// realsenseindia. com/
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    I am planning to buy advanced get in 10 days. Please help

    You can buy from
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    Need help adding a line of code in Amibroker

    _SECTION_BEGIN("SL-TGT"); lastpriceBuy = ValueWhen(Buy, Close); lastpriceSell = ValueWhen(Sell, Close); Profit = 4 ; Loss = 1.5; ApplyStop(stopTypeProfit, stopModePercent, Profit); ApplyStop(stopTypeLoss, stopModePercent, Loss);
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    How to get Current Price in afl?

    Another option PlotText(" "+LastValue(C),BarCount,LastValue(C),2);
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    i can help you to fix Amibroker issue. Which ver you are using?

    i can help you to fix Amibroker issue. Which ver you are using?
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    Nest to Amibroker (people serching in 2019)

    Plz Check the Josh1 Signature. An updated link will be there always.
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    Hourly High And Hourly Low Strategy

    Hi Doss can you share the code. how to calculate hourly high low? Thanks
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    GoCharting - The first and only Indian Advanced Charting and Orderflow Platform on the "Web"

    Any plan for MCX? I am only trading in MCX. Also using Amibroker for auto trading with nest for MCX
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    Automating Simple strategy and order placement

    I have tested auto trade product. The only problem I have faced is, it places multiple order on one signal. Not sure that issue has been fixed or not. Pls update here.