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    SEBI's new move to cut retailers participation in F&O!

    It concerns only individuals or also companies? IF companies arent affected would it be a way to start a LLC and trade on it?
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    SEBI allowed to extend F&O trading till 11:55 p.m from Oct. 1.

    Hi, If you read the press news from SGX 19.2.2018 they wanna create maybe somethynig like cross-connection between SGX-NSE. link Concurrently, SGX will continue to work with NSE to...
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    3-Indian bourses to stop licensing index, stock prices to foreign exchanges

    As a foreigner i cant trade in India we arent permited to trade in India thats the problem. But i hope that these restrictions will be lifted this year:)
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    RBI news - Introduction of Cross-Currency Futures and Exchange Traded Option Contract

    I have looked on NSE volume eur/usd futures 26609, gbp/usd futures 12625, usd/jpy 2192 BSE 27530 25843 2083 Good start in the moment winner BSE. It would be better if both exchanges...
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    3-Indian bourses to stop licensing index, stock prices to foreign exchanges would I be interested in whether the owners of the NSE, BSE and MSEI exchanges smoked marijuana. Before this plan they should...
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    Trading in Forex

    If you wanna trade spot FX use LMAX Exchange is (MTF) Multilateral Trading Facility (10000USD) if you dont have this capital use some Introducing Brokers for LMAX Exchange with (1000USD). NOT HOTFOREX
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    Understanding bank balance sheet
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    I see in the list Interactivebrokers as a MM which is not TRUE. IB is DMA,ECN and i dont see LMAX in lists. which is MTF,DMA,ECN
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    SEBI Reviewing Equity Derivatives Rules

    A lot of stupid people work for SEBI. I remeber that in Korea happend same situation. Its to risky for retail many dont know what they trade blablablabla. They have increased account deposit for futures trading after than volume is decreased volatility also. They starded to offer mini kospi 200...
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    what time US Market opens ?

    Crude oil will be very active on Nymex from US summer time( 17:30 indian time) US winter time (16:30)
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    What forex or binary trading software is free?

    For me binary products are SCAM products. I trade products on exchanges. DONT TOUCH any brokers that offer binary products DONT USE any FX broker from Offshore. TRADE ONLY PRODUCTS THAT ARE CENTRALIZED (EXCHANGE TRADED PRODUCTS.
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    What forex or binary trading software is free?

    Forget auto trading software for binary trading its SCAM. You will lose money
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    How to get NSE LEVEL 1, 20 BID / ASK in India ?

    Metastock with Thomson Reuters XENITH
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    trading forex with local indian deposits

    Lite forex this firm is regulated in offshore Cyprus and Marshall Islands Uniglobe Markets also Marshall Islands. Enforceability of the law is null Trading FX only as a futures contracts
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    Which SIZE monitor good for daytrading ?

    i have there easy setting box function (With split screen on smaller screens)