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    Be careful while buying Market data provider data feed

    dear sir they are asking tu use their data in amibroker wereas a person shud be free tu use data in any software wheter it be metastock or any other sftware but these mdp fellowas always insuisted that instead of metastock it wud be wise tu use amibroker in meta there are real data problems
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    odin realtime to metastock

    plz send me link of odin to metastock integration at [email protected]
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    Be careful while buying Market data provider data feed

    yu cant rely on market data provider as their data is having lots of problems not consistent,options data is really hopeless and not getting updated in real time and yu cud really miss a lot of big muves in nifty options, plus really data is problemsome just yu can say data is hopeless
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    Hi!I use Adv Get and Elliot Waves

    in todays environ ment it seems people just join ythis forum for obtaining free software and nobody wants tu pay a dime yet everybody wants tu be highly succesful and earn a lot of money without going thru the learning curve , for a person tu be succesful 15% tech nical ,80% muney management...
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    Datar SwitchGear anyone?

    hi i also have datar switch gear can anybody put light on it
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    about falcon

    Re: about falcon of wud like tu say nothing has happened and no sir falcon is a wonderful software, only yu shud be able to extract or properly exploit it tu yur benefit
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    Hi!I use Adv Get and Elliot Waves

    hi its been a long time since i have written but i wud only emphasise on one thing in trading that is very very tight money management and keeping all odds in our favour by proper tech analysis will always help in the long term in our field since 99% of traders always almost loose money by never...
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    Trading for regular income

    please publish yur studyon traderg for everyone to benefit
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    Brokerage & other charges.

    i have calculated the other chgs and they seem to be coming in the range of nearly 0.04 to .05ps other than brkgs chgs
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    How to load NSE MS format data in advancedget

    :) i had attended the day trading seminar onthe 18th and 19th of february of viratech software they do teach basicson the day trading but it seems that their ultimate remains that atrader shud equip themselves with the best of tech analysys software like latest version of dashboard version...
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    Free DATA

    online real time data can be taken from spidersoftwareindia .com their mumbai telephone numbers are 91-22-28921507/28921552 they are charging rs 4000-5000 pr mnt for online daTA
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    Practical trading education part

    this is nirman trader. reading the above review of sh50, it seems that sh50 has and is being able to use the delhi based technical trends software with great ease and is able to trade successfully. i have had my hands on metastock, falcon intraday package, and currently using ace of spider...
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    CMT course

    yes this designation is mostly used in the united states and they do charge youa fees in dollars i,e $300 or something and they give yu a membership any new development in this t a field is discussedamong members and is more or less a forum like ours
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    Investing Vs Trading

    ashok leyland has to cross rs25.30 only above that we can say that it is showing strength . it has got a very stong resistance at rs20 to rs20.25 below that there is no confirm trend
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    The Guppy Multiple Moving Average

    your info on daryl guppys mma was good i would like to add something on it for more reference on how to take good use of it in many ways I would refer a site ie please visit this site for a lots of more formulas om mmas daryl guppy is a...