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    How Much % Income Tax for Day Trading or Short term Profit

    The applicability of the Tax Audit as per the Income Tax Act depends on the Trading Turnover. Trading Turnover in case of Equity Intraday transaction is the Absolute Profit i.e. sum of the absolute value of profit and loss. If the Trading Turnover in a financial year is up to INR 2 Crore and...
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    Latest dividend taxation ie TDS in the hands of investors.

    Under Budget 2020, DDT i.e. Dividend Distribution Tax was abolished. As a result, dividend income which was earlier exempt now became a taxable income. Since dividend is now taxable, TDS is also applicable. Under Budget 2020, TDS on Dividend was also introduced. Sec 194 - Company paying...
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    Tax ... Tax

    STT, Service Tax, Transaction Tax, GST, Turnover Charges etc are all the taxes and charges that a traders pays to execute the trading transaction. These charges are recovered by the broker from the trader. It is an indirect tax paid on the trading transaction. The trader can claim such charges...
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    Fill the details in new ITR-1

    Hi, Taxes can be daunting at times, but here is a simple and well-written guide on Income Tax - giving an overview of Income Tax in India. Using tax filing platforms like Quicko makes it easier to prepare and file Income Tax Return.