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    Get bhav copy not working since 4 th march

    both getbhavcopy and volume digger data have errors, the technicalities of error are as follows.......... Getbhavcopy and Volume Digger both:::: 1. It does not download data for the days where exchange is open on Saturdays (eg. 8th Sep-2012) and other holidays although bhavcopy is available at...
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    RE: Emkay Trade

    Dear All, can anybody provide me with the tick-by-tick data of Nifty-50 stocks cash market with bid-ask detail and Nifty index data as well just for yesterday. It would be very helpful as i want to further analyse the data. Regards, naren
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    Best mobile for NSE NOW

    I am using Nokia Symbian belle and it works like a charm, just install java based installation.
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    Fcharts + Ichimoku Clould

    UDI5: ((Highest_High[52] + Lowest_Low[52]) / 2) UDI16: Tenkan Line: (Highest_High[9] + Lowest_Low[9]) / 2 UDI17: Kijun Line: (Highest_High[26] + Lowest_Low[26]) / 2 UDI18: Chikou Span: C[26] UDI19: Senkou Span A: ((UDI6[-26] + UDI7[-26]) / 2) UDI20: Senkou Span B: UDI5[-26] can somebody...
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    Well, I cannot argue upon the above comment....coz these may be i did not go into these details and also i am currently not using Fcharts coz i am not familiar with it......its just i found out through google..... all i can say to other members is that...... do your due...
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    hello....members.......i was googling around and found the download link for the cracked version of FCharts_Pro_v1.5.96e..... I am not posting the links here in the forum openly...coz there may be some rules regarding that.......but those who want to have F-Charts PRO...
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    EOD Download/ Convert from NSE and BSE

    Here I have uploaded the links to the said request......but as u know these are nearly 500 links and its a very hard task to download each link separately......thus.....if there is any option in your utility to append these links to download then it would be very nice........ see...
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    EOD Download/ Convert from NSE and BSE

    TO: PKJHA30 Hello sir......first of all i would like to thank you for such a great utility for all of us....... Secondly i would like to ask for help regarding a download fron NSE ..... I want to download the NSCCL Volatility files.......the link is.... h t t p : / / w w w . nseindia . c o m...
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    EOD Download/ Convert from NSE and BSE

    DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE.......though version is 5.xx
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    MetaStock NSE Data downloader with VIX

    since the NSE has changed the querry module for Indices data...... this utility hangs while downloading Nifty and other does anybody else is also getting such errors....???? this includes the NEW Version....17th july.....
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    EODdlc ver 2.25.2 if any body has a newer version......kindly share.... MD5: B478CDE551DAC61E64959CFDD367F054