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    Hi!I use Adv Get and Elliot Waves

    Re: hi I use ADVANCE GET & ELLIOT WAVE Hi all, I would like to know your views on Advanced GET. If anyone has any tips, tricks to share , please send them to me.. Thanx Gia K [email protected] yahoo chat id: mysteriousgia
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    Nifty Futures Trading Strategy

    Your system is very effective.. keep it up.. Gia
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    Nifty Futures Trading Strategy

    Hi , I would like to know how can I configure my Metastock so it can give me buy/sell signals... can anyone provide me with the Code? thanx Gia [email protected] :)
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    Free database and downloader for Indian Stocks

    Re: Need Smart Downloader Hi, I have downloaded the software and installed it just adds a help file on the system.. when i run the Downloader...the 'Vendor Options' under Tools is disabled so i am unable to configure and install the downloader... Can someone walk me through the...
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    Free database and downloader for Indian Stocks

    Need Smart Downloader I hv downloaded the Smart Downloader twice from all it does it save a help file on the system.. no software Can anyone please email me the smart downloader software??? thanx Gia [email protected]
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    Ml Downloader

    I hv installed metstock.. pls someone help me download data into it... Gia [email protected]
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    Trading in Nifty

    Hii all, So what do the Market analysts / newsletters recommend for Market/ Nifty. Any tips that one is willing to share ( pls mention the source too) Gia
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    Futurs and options classes

    Re: Futures and options classes TECHNICAL ANALYSIS WORKSHOP ( DELHI) (23rd & 24th April at The Radisson Hotel, Delhi) Course led by Mr. Mohindar, CEO & Founder VIRATECH SOFTWARE A 2-DAY COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING WORKSHOP WITH A FOCUS ON PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION DOW THEORY...
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    Nifty Futures Trading Strategy

    Hi , My name is Gia.. I hv just installed Metastock 8.0 ( i aslo hv sharekhan speedtrade ) .. Could you please provide me with the data for metastock... I would like to know how to go abt using metastock for intraday / positional trading.... anyone who has any code/ system that they can...
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    Nifty Futures Trading Strategy

    Great work Trading system, I am trying to analyse data and generate signals for Nifty and various stock futures. I intend to generate signals for a comapratively much smaller horizon/ time period. Could you guide me as to how i can achieve intraday buy/ sell signals? Thank Gia
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    Metastock MSN Group

    I have joined the Metastock Formulas group, hoping to get some formula that work for intraday. If anyone has any tried and tested formulae that work, pls do share with me Thanx Gia
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    Metastock tips and

    I would like to learn more abt Metastock... pls share your knowledge with me Thanx Gia
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    NSE or Yahoo Data

    For analysis, which closing proce wud be better?
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    online trading of secondary market shares

    Sharekhan is definately a very good software.. it provides a few studies....I hv used Sharekhan, Indiainfoline and Fortis... My Pick is Sharekhan !!! Gia
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    Nifty Futures Trading Strategy

    Hi all, I am a newbie here.... I am unable to vie the images attached in the threads.. It tells me I dont hv sufficient rights... Can Someone Help ?????? I am also looking to build a Trading Strategy for intraday.. Can anyone guide me on that Thanx Gia