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    Is it wise to open a brokerage firm now ?

    If you have the necessary resources to provide a better service than the existing brokers and are confident of delivering the same then you can be successful.
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    software prices

    I do not think so. The domain name belongs to: Maharaja Global Tamal Das gupta 86C N.S.C.Bose Raod kolkata westbengal,700040 IN Tel. +91.9830803364 Looks like they are probably trying to capiailize on esignals name.
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    PIB with RT MS AND AMI updation Demo

    Can you explain what this software does??
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    Free Advisory on Gold , Silver and Crude Oil

    Re: Free Advisory on Gold , Silver and Crudeoil does provide a commodity trading newsletter for both NCDEX & MCX!
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    Nifty Future

    You can read a recent update and trend of the Nifty at
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    Price Updation

    Jayesh, For the latest prices of nifty stocks
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    Hindenburg Omen

    What is this Hindenburg Omen??
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    Daytrade with Support and Resistance.

    Thanks for your comments. Looking forward to read more about your special support and resistant levels that will work for daytraders.
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    Itc & Hll

    Stock prices move in tandem with changes in growth of a companies earnings. Being a well managed company does not guarantee higher stock prices if there is no increase in earnings.
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    Tulip IT Services Ltd

    Considering that the objective of the issue is to raise funds to support the expansion of the company's IP/VPN wireless network covering 130 cities I would consider it. Once deployed, this will provide a high uptime, bandwidth on-demand network that can be easily deployed in a minimal time...
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    Free Derivative Calls

    Good initiative on your part. Looking forward to read them.
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    Markets breaks previous swing low - Disastrous Consequences

    You were right on dot. While most analysts were calling for a pullback from yesterdays low (8121) you boldly made this call. I am curious as to what methods helped you come to this conclusion.
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    Stocks to BUY once correction is over?

    Dear traderji/all forum members, Which stocks would you recommend us to BUY if the correction gets complete? Should we keep a watch on the best performing stocks and take a BUY call on them?
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    Indian Glycols

    You can hold on with a stoploss at 248.00
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    A Group Stock Picks

    Ramco Systems & Mastek made a good move yesterday. Ramco Systems was up by 10% at 516.00 Mastek was up by 7.60% at 456.00 To me it seems that the stocks with HIGH RS have all made good moves.