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    *****oooooo Symbols required

    I got it from this thread. Thanks*****-finance-website.html
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    *****oooooo Symbols required

    Hi, Could any one please upload all the symbols for NSE in Y-a h-o ooooooooo format? Thanks in advance Murali
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    Exit strategy - Stop Loss

    Hi, I been trading in market for a while. One thing always makes me crazy is my trailing stop loss will always hit and the stock will go around to its original place whipping all my profits:mad:. Yesterday also it happened. I place a trailing stop for praj Industries on 163 and my profit...
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    Fibotrader : An Excellent Free TA Software

    Hi , could any one upload the "main" file? Thanks in advance Murali :)
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    Fibotrader : An Excellent Free TA Software

    Hi, I'm not able to download the "main" file from the 4shared link:mad:. Could any one please help me regarding this?
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    Gemini Communications BUY

    Good .....:) Tracking your calls..........Why can't you open a new thread instead of company specific...? It will be easy for everyone to track your calls........ Rgds Murali
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    Tulip-IT pennant formation

    Dear Seniors, Please comment on the Tulip-It services pennant formation on the charts. Thanks Murali
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    Key points to be noted in Technical Analysis

    Hi a$h, Thanks a lot for your valuable information:) Rgds Murali
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    Fibotrader : An Excellent Free TA Software

    Hi , Is there any formula for identifying the consolidation and breakouts...? Rgds Murali
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    Key points to be noted in Technical Analysis

    Hi Senior Members, What are the technical indicators to be consider while analysing a stock? Please Share your views Rgds Murali
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    Delivery Calls

    Hi, I been in trading for the last 7 months. As you mentioned I created a trading strategy in my first month itself. But the problem is I couldn't able to attain 10% monthly returns, sometimes even < 2%.:( I'm finding difficulty in selecting stocks to trade:( . I usally go for swing...
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    Starting Intraday Calls.......

    Good work....I'm monitering your calls.... Please continue Rgds Murali
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    Fibotrader : An Excellent Free TA Software

    Thanks a lot for the information Rgds Murali
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    Fibotrader : An Excellent Free TA Software

    Hi, I'm New to trading world. The guidelines given by you for the fibotrader is extremely useful. I installed as per your instructions and started working on this now. I have two questions for clarification. 1) How to load the intraday data , Is it same as loading historical data? 2) How...
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    Hi All

    Hi, I'm Murali, New to the trading world. Have a nice time and Enjoy making porfits:) Wishing you all the very best thnks murali