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    ODIN/***** realtime data to Amibroker, Metastock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backfill

    Re: ODIN/***** realtime data to Amibroker, Metastock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backf chartsdata can anyone give password for installation?
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    Charting Software for mobile

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    Charting Software for mobile

    try finance.yagoodotcom(of course *****)
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    pls suggest a few small/mid cap stocks for daily trading

    hi do you have a similar site for metastock users?
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    Building Up A Portfolio At A 7000 Level

    Hi supratik. i need your valuable opinion on nagfert for this month. would appreciate it so much
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    Stocks with Good Results

    Hi i feel ts agreat idea and need of the hour. so if any on can start by giving percent improvement over the previous quarter( i.e qtr on qter) the latest qtly results . and analyse them technically for the timing to buy also taking into consideration the index as a whole , i think we have...
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    Hi amit thanks for those enlightening analysis all these days. But i guess this is not the end. hope to see you back sooner then later. I am sure you couldnt do withou this either. not just us. so hope to see you back soon.
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    My Yahoo RealTime Data Viewer

    Hi satya. great work really. Is it possible to make one or adapt to mobile viewing. Its going to be the latest craze if i am right.and so convenient.please think about it and iprovide one for the mobile too. It wiill be great really.
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    NSE live feed on cellphone

    Hey are you using this scroll quotes. and how do i get it? what you mean by "Nokia gallery".Please elaborate. the nokia gallery you mention is like a desktop only. wherefrom here?
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    Desktop Portfolio Tracker

    Hi pankaj. is there similar software, i mean ticker suitable for mobile phones? Real time ofcourse.
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    Reg: Intra daytrading software

    Hi this link if usefull to anybody in this forum?:
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    My Yahoo RealTime Data Viewer

    Hi sathya is it possible to make this suitable for viewing in a smart phone? Like you could make this as a .sis file or something. just to view the real time rates in our mobile. . as a substitute for livemarketwatch .com offer.It would be wonderfull really.
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    My Yahoo RealTime Data Viewer

    Hi sathya. kudos to your efforts. btw i guess it would be possible to view this in a smartphone too?
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    Hi saint your views on Matrix, gnfc, chambal fert , sci and bharti would be appreciated. thanks in advance. take care.
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    Stock Of the Month/Recomendation From various Sources

    Hey ankush couldnt you have sugested these scrips earlier. I mean they are so belated info