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    Thematic Investing or Mutual Fund?

    A mutual fund based on its stated objective invests in a wide variety of stocks from various sectors to diversify risk, while giving decent returns when held over a long period.
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    How to stay focussed while day trading?

    If you want to be focused and increase your day trading profits, you must go beyond think about money. You need to focus on the quality of your trading setups. To do this, limit the no. of traders in each trading session. Having limited opportunities to trade forces you to select your trading...
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    I'm confused between SIP and Mutual funds.

    This depends on the conditions of stock market. During upward trends, the lump sum mode of mutual fund investment tends to give relatively higher returns. On the other hand, investments via SIP generally provides higher returns during falling markets.
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    Noob here

    If you are new then i would first recommend to read some trading books, observe the markets and scan news related to trading. When you feel confident you can start to trade preferably with a small amount.
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    Best SIP Plans

    SIP is a smart tool for investing in mutual funds. These days DSP Black rock Mid Cap Fund is yielding good returns if one plans to invest for a long term.
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    Is investment in mutual fund safe?

    Yes mutual funds are safe. One should not even think twice before investing in a mutual fund. It is the safest and most valuable place to invest in at present. Mutual funds work on the method of compounding. The interest you get/earn on your principal amount gets added to your principal amount...
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Discipline management is one the hardest things to master at the same time most important element of successful trading. So in order to become a disciplined trader, follow a trading routine which includes your pre market analysis, major market hours trading and end of day hours.
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    What can be a realistic expectation of returns from Intraday trading?

    Well it depends on your trading systems and of course strategies and experience. However, i would like to give one advice by which earning from intra day trading gets easier that is trade high volume based shares. In intra day, position has to be closed before the trading hour, more liquid the...
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    mutual fund

    Well, what is your risk tolerance and till what time you want to invest your money?
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    Intraday trading with options?

    Yes it is possible to do intra day trading with options. Options are highly volatile. If you know how to recognize opportunities to trade intra day then go ahead. You have two options either to trade them directionally or trade option strategies.
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    The information about how to create long-term portfolio

    Investors can create portfolios which align to their investment goals/ strategies by following a disciplined approach. In order to build a portfolio for a longer period it is important to determine the appropriate asset allocation.
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    How trading is different from investing ?

    Trading requires skills of timing the market because traders examines the price movements of stock and if the price goes up they may sell the stocks. On the other hand investing aims at creating wealth by compounding interest and dividend for a long period of time by holding quality stocks in...
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    How to stop repeating same mistakes again and again?

    Educate, Prepare, Execute and Analyze.
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    I am also a no exception. Initially when I started trading and saw some profits consecutively I began to over trade irrespective of profit and loss. There used to be just one thing which went on my mind that is trading. Even after the trading hours, I used to dream about buying and selling of...
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    I would say positional trading if you are keen to earn good profit. The reason is markets are generally volatile and intraday is quite risky. One day you will earn good profit and another day you might lose.