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    Hi Subhadip, Hope you are doing well. could you please suggest couple of books for trading...

    Hi Subhadip, Hope you are doing well. could you please suggest couple of books for trading. Regards, Milind
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    Crude Oil Day Trading start with this...all the best
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    What happened to Learn to Fish thread?

    yippeeeeeeeeeeeee..... recovered most of the thread...thanks for mentioning the method...:clap: took whole day today....:D but to learn recovered it... :)
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    Lets double the money in 40 trades

    just gone thr the whole thread today... Let's respect the person who is actually doing it...& ready to share... even spending thousand u will not get such one ever will do it for u consistently for 40 trades in out side the world... I think people are here want to count the...
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    How to delete Pivot and R1,R2,R3 and S1,S2,S3 from trade tiger?

    Thanks dude ... :) :clapping: was having same problem.. now removed that crap...
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    Master one trick only

    Thanks a lot Jet king i have downloaded the book but have to use my google account for that bet where is Avny these days... ?
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    Master one trick only

    Hi All, Thanks a lot for your time & sharing...Can someone Please send me the "YTC price action trading" book on email at m i l i n d 8 5 7 @ g m a i l dot com Thanks in advance... :)
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    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On

    we salute the knowledge of Sushil (SG) ....& his immense consistent contribution in the forum.....we will listen to him what he advises....there are people in the market who make 100% in a day so 18% may be small for respect seniors...:) chill....
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    How to post a chart/image at

    this is just to check...
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    Morning Update at 0800hrs for Intraday Market Level

    Hey chaitanyagoa, I think it is mention on the left hand side of the chart that is 15 min...:)
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    Sure shot calls : Some experiments

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    Sure shot calls : Some experiments

    Hi Dev, Thanks for starting the thread again... Please carry will be nice for small investor like me if the RRR is good....:thumb: as far as accuracy i know u will take care...:thumb: thanks...
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    My Daily Options Trading Diary

    surely ....look how market spurts as soon as she sent message for short :lol::rofl:... she is RM of angel broking........but RM of Indiabulls is more precise than her.. alomost 100% accurate ...if she said long , blindly u can go short......& vice versa...i can give her ID .......if u...
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    My Daily Options Trading Diary

    friends, my RM was long till now she sent a message cut ur longs...& now she is short on mkt so mkt may come up......:lol::rofl: